Toploud a Colombian Producer Talks About His Musical Vibes


One of the most exciting musical talents on the planet is making huge waves in the musical world. Toploud a young producer “Sanandresano” who is part of the well-known record label Combo de Oro de Panama, is gaining fans from all corners of the world.

The young producer who mixes rhythms such as Afrobeat, R&B and Dancehall has worked with some big names in the music world. Some of those names include Lalo Ebratt, Totoy el Frio, Juanes, J Balvin, Rayo & Toby. Now he has his sights on Drake.

There are not many names in the music world that has generated such a buzz as Toploud, so we decided to find out more about the man behind the hits, and find out why so many music lovers are saying he could be the next big thing.


Here is what Toploud had to say


  1. First of all, please introduce yourself?

I consider myself a talented young dreamer making everything I think about come true.

  1. How did you come up with the name TopLoud?
    From a very young age my friends called me “topo” because I was short and very smart, what over the years when I entered the artistic world they called me Top to what I added Loud by a friend who said that my “sound It was loud but cool” this way called me Top-Loud and so I was baptized!
  2. What age were you when you became interested in music?
    I was about 11 years old the first time I play one piano!
  3. Who was your inspiration when you were growing up?
    From child my family play music and like Caribbean style reggae dancehall so I think this was first records on my head about music!
  4. Be honest, what was the first album you bought?
    Was with 2 big artist duo named Rayo & Toby under name “Sexy Trip”.
  5. At what age were you when you thought you could make a career in the music world?
    About 16 years the first opportunity with one label in Medellin, Colombia
  6. How would you compare the American and Columbian music scene?
    I think the difference is not much, however I would say that the support of the public and the great opportunities to be heard by more interesting people.
  7. How would you describe your sound?

Fresh and New

  1. As a producer you have worked with some big names, who would you say has been the biggest talent you have worked with?

I could mention hundreds but of the most recent we even maintain a friendship, some are: Lalo Ebratt, Totoy el Frio, Juanes, J Balvin, Rayo & Toby are many but up to here.

  1. If you could work with anyone in the world, who would it be and why?
    Working with Drake has always been an honor.
  2. A lot of artist complain that they cannot make money out of their music, instead they make money out of touring, what are your comments on this?
    Take good advice when doing business with your music since we are in a digital age, everything is collected from music platforms.
  3. If someone wanted to listen to you play live, where could they go?
    Follow me on social media or come to my studio!


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