Traditional Japanese Bon Dance course now available on Udemy

bon dance course

To celebrate the Bon Dance being formed to tens of millions of people, a dance teacher with more than 15 years of experience has launched a dance course on Udemy.


Japan will be the site of the Olympics in July and August 2021, and the Games will welcome athletes and spectators from all over the globe in-person and on television. The Land of the Rising Sun is sure to be a destination for millions around the world and dance instructor Otomo Chisato wants to share one of the country’s oldest traditional dances with others before the Summer Games begin.


Otomo Chisato, who has been dancing since he was very young has launched the course so more people around the world can experience the wonderful Bon Dance. The course is very easy to follow and has already become very popular.


We sat down with Otomo to find out more about the Bon Dance and why he has put together the course.

  1. Please introduce yourself, and explain what dance means to you? I started Japanese dance when I was 2 years old, and even now, from childhood to big corporate events!
  2. You have launched a Bon Dance course which is available online through Udemy, is it an easy dance to learn? Bon dance is easy for anyone to dance, and can be enjoyed in a circle regardless of age, gender, or race.


  1. When was the Bon Dance invented? About 500 years ago
  1. What is your experience as a dance teacher? It’s been 15 years since I started teaching with my own classroom. While nurturing many Japanese dancers, we hold many short-term workshops that beginners can enjoy. Bright and fun classrooms are very popular every time.


  1. The Bon Dance is performed during the Obon Festival, why is that? The Bon Dance Festival is a summer festival in Japan, it is not a simple dance party, but a requiem festival to enjoy with your ancestors.


  1. With billions of people watching the Bon Dance being performed, do you expect the dance to become even more popular around the world? I think it will be an even more popular dance.


  1. Why have you decided to launch the dance course on Udemy? I chose Udemy, which has 35 million students, because I want many people around the world to know the fun of Bon dance and Japanese culture.


  1. How easy will it be for people to learn the dance through the online platform? With my course, people will find it easy to learn through the online platform.


  1. How long is the course and does it come with a video? It is 32 minutes. Comes with a video.


10. Will learning the dance help people to understand the culture more?


  1. Are you planning to teach more courses besides the Bon Dance? The Bon Dance lesson is the introductory part of Chisato’s Japanese dance lecture series known. There will also be lessons on Geisha Dance, Kabuki Dance, and folk dance, which are popular styles for foreigner learners.


  1. Are you hoping children will also learn the Bon Dance? I want children all over the world to dance for future peace.


For more information on the Bon Dance course taught by Otomo Chisato, please visit its official Udemy page.


Contact details

Company name: Otomo Chisato Design Co., Ltd.

Course: Bon Dance

Instructor: Otomo Chisato