Tre4radio And Tre4hiphop Shake Up The Carolinas

Up next on the music scene are two platforms set out to help artists increase their exposure and visibility in a saturated market.

Zedrick Young, Kory L and Cedric Mclaurin who are the founders of both and, have created these two platforms with the sole intent of helping gospel, r&b and hip hop artists get to the next level in their musical journeys.

With the success of Zedrick Youngs son Mike Bandz who is a well known musician boasting thousands of streams, views and followers across Spotify, Youtube and other social media outlets, Mr. Young is far from a stranger when it comes to the music world. He knows firsthand what artists need and are seeking in order to push their goals in the right direction.

With only 7 months into their business dealings with radio, these three gentlemen are on the road to putting the city of Winston Salem North Carolina on the map for their hidden talents. In todays climate it is difficult for artists to shine in such a saturated environment when it comes to gaining exposure for your music. “There’s always been a lack of opportunities for young up and coming artists in my area so we pretty much came together and started to brainstorm different ideas on how we can make a difference,” says Zedrick Young.

The group plans to expand from Tre4radio and Tre4hiphop to open mics and live performances and contests where artists can showcase their talents. Zedrick Young who is regarded as a music promoter gifted professional barber, believes that many of todays successful acts have had the financial backing and exposure that the local artist in his area lack.

“There are definitely some artists out here who have been able to reach somewhere with their music but others sort of float around without knowing where to go. If I can help even one person achieve their goals then I think it’s all worth it.” Keep and eye out for these gentlemen as we believe that Tre4radio and Tre4hiphop will be a name many will know soon enough.


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