Tylar Smith Drops Liberating & Motivating Pop/Rock Single ‘FREE’

Tylar Smith – FREE

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Tylar Smith drops his latest captivating single “FREE.” The rock/pop fusion contains every element to get the listeners mesmerized. “FREE” takes the listener on a musical journey with a nostalgic classical progressive rock style with a modern pop sound. The vocal and anthemic instrumentation work seamlessly together for a must-listen record. As we are surrounded by troubling times, “FREE” delivers an impactful, inspiring message that will resonate with anyone.

With a constant progressing arrangement and ending with a powerful drumline, “FREE” will uplift you. The soothing guitar riff with the melodic elements gives the vocal an angelic, intimate feeling. Tylar Smith’s unparalleled sound and style are highlighted with this release. “FREE” will take the listeners into a musical trance with a strong message, catchiness, and ear-gracing instrumentation.

About Tylar Smith

Tylar Smith is an emerging young singer, songwriter, and artist originating from Sydney, Australia. Influenced by the likes of Panic At The Disco, Michael Buble and Frank Sinatra, Tylar Smith delivers a powerful, soulful voice. He has been training in singing and performing for most of his life and has won multiple awards in singing across Western Sydney in the last three years. He released his first single in January 2020 to help raise money for the bushfire appeal in Australia.

His release “THE ASHES” was an emotional heartfelt acoustic country/folk song that told the harrowing story of what the country was going through at the time but with a positive message of hope. His story-telling lyricism will captivate listeners across the world. In July he released his second single titled “THERE” which received good reviews and increased his following on all social media platforms. His new single “FREE” is set for release on August the 21st 2020.  His innate talent will see him reach the stars as his music is unique, mesmerizing, and catchy.

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