Universal Investment Strategies Reviews: Company Showcases Strong First Quarter Results During The Covid-19 Crisis


Los Angeles, California – April 7, 2020 – Universal Investment Strategies (UIS) has released to their new clients and partners their first quarter results, which are in the black, despite the DOW suffering it’s worst month in stock market history.

The Dow recorded a down of 23.2% in the first quarter. The S&P 500 suffered it’s worst quarter since the end of 2008. The Nasdaq fell 14.2%. UIS’ Unusual Options alerts company exits saw 68% winners for the quarter.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has created a bear market, which has affected many large and small businesses.  During this time many investors panic and sell their financial assets at a loss, which drives stock prices down and creates opportunity to profit during these times of high volatility. This is where understanding how to trade options comes into play.  There are multiple strategies that can be used during the bear market that are highly effective in protecting your portfolio and will allow you to position yourself to profit very quickly, and that’s what we teach. We teach our clients how to profit and how to protect themselves. The use of these strategies is the primary reason why our clients have done so well during this bear market,” says Jay Johnson CEO/Managing Director of Universal Investment Strategies.

Universal Investment Strategies is leading the industry by combining one-on-one options trading coaching and education to investors who seek to generate active/passive and/or retirement income while providing unique trade opportunities. Clients are consistently looking for an edge in the market in times of crisis. With our program, we’ve got you covered.

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About Universal Investment Strategies

Universal Investment Strategies provides one-on-one options coaching and education to investors seeking to generate active/passive and/or retirement income.  With over 25 years of combined experience and thousands of satisfied customers, Universal Investment Strategies was founded on the principals of “We will walk with you side by side every step of the way.” Universal Investment Strategies headquarters are located in Los Angeles, CA.

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