Upcoming Rap Artist Babie Bandz Reveals Striking Life Challenges


In life they are challenges one must face revealing a greater human being on the other side. Upcoming rapper Babie Bandz took control of her challenges and transformed them into her unique sound you hear today.

As a young child Babie Bandz experienced rape and abuse at such a young age. That abuse continues later in adulthood. Babie Bandz was left with no choice but to move out due to her being pregnant. “I do not let that block me in life” says Bandz. Becoming homeless with a child on the way Babie Bandz had to find a way to cope. Music is how she copes with her struggles that was her escape for all her trauma.


“My post trauma has inspired me to create my music” said Babie Bandz. Trauma expressed through music is a powerful way to deal or escape with your past, present, and future and Babie Bandz does just that. Now at the age of 23 years old with 4 children Babie Bandz takes her experiences, both good and bad and conveys them through her music to her fans. “I have a song on there that explains everything” Babie Bandz said. Surviving so much abuse and trauma has created and shaped Babie Bandz music.


Babie Bandz has a message, experience, and feeling embedded in each song she records. The song “All Falls Down, there are 3 or 4 verses and each verse explains in depth each situation” said Babie Bandz. A song that tells a different story on each verse is one that is worth listening to. Babie Bandz says “All Falls Down” describes all the pain I felt”. Fans can relate to such an open artist especially if some of them are going through (or gone through) the same struggles.