UptimeHealth collaborates with National Urgent Care Center Accreditation to automate compliance for members


National Urgent Care Center Accreditation (NUCCA) is happy to announce the selection of UptimeHealth as the preferred choice to provide compliance software for accredited urgent care centers. Taking advantage of their free compliance software will create operational efficiencies to help meet NUCCA Accreditation standards while improving the quality of patient care.

NUCCA has developed a program of survey and Accreditation specially designed for Urgent Care centers. Accreditation demonstrates the highest level of commitment to providing the highest quality medical care and symbolizes medical practice that is consistent with the highest ideals of the specialty of Urgent Care Medicine.

National Urgent Care Center Accreditation is excited to partner with UptimeHealth to provide compliance software for our Accredited Urgent Care centers.This software will help simplify record- and log-keeping tasks for clinic staff and will be a valuable resource to help our Accredited Urgent Care centers meet the standards of Accreditation.” – Cari Withrow, Accreditation Coordinator

As part of NUCCA Accreditation, an on-site survey is conducted where safety and quality measures are reviewed such as patient care, clinic administration, facility management, quality improvement, health record management, and more. UptimeHealth is the only company in the market that simplifies and automates the management of daily, weekly, monthly operational compliance practices required by urgent cares. Their powerful features support new and existing urgent cares throughout the accreditation survey preparation process and beyond. In general, UptimeHealth will help its users:

  • Remain compliant with important quality and safety tasks;
  • Digitize and automate a manual paper process that can be accessed by mobile phone or tablet;
  • Gain compliance visibility across all locations of compliance status; and
  • Document and keep a complete history of all compliance tasks on a cloud-based platform.

As health care providers prepare for more COVID-19 cases, staff managers can automatically generate new daily tasks and protocols and deploy them system-wide.

“We are happy to be partnered with NUCCA and are excited to build meaningful relationships with their accreditation surveyors to ensure we are meeting or exceeding the industry standards. In addition, we pride our software on its ability to ability to eliminate the hours spent by operations leaders monitoring quality control tasks each week, by providing a compliance score for each facility. With NUCCA, we plan to learn how we can further reduce the preparation time that is spent on the accreditation or re-accreditation process.” – Bill Dunne, Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer

About National Urgent Care Center Accreditation

National Urgent Care Center Accreditation is an independent, non-profit organization that provides Accreditation to properly qualified Urgent Care Centers throughout the United States. The National Urgent Care Center Accreditation (NUCCA) Program accomplishes the accreditation of Urgent Care centers by setting standards, measuring performance, and providing consultation and education where needed. Accreditation is ultimately awarded to those Urgent Care centers that are found to be in compliance with National Urgent Care Center Accreditation Program standards. The National Urgent Care Center Accreditation program is recognized by leading medical organizations to provide such Accreditation.

For more information visit http://ucaccreditation.org/.

About UptimeHealth

UptimeHealth, headquartered in Boston, MA, is a fast-growing software startup that empowers providers to make patient’s lives better. Our mission is to be the trusted source of compliance and technology equipment management for healthcare facilities everywhere. We focus on providing operators with simple-to-use software to complete compliance tasks, improve access to actionable data to increase operational efficiencies, and tap into the largest network of qualified technicians.

For more information, visit www.uptimehealth.com.

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