Usablenet Releases Its 2019 ADA Web Accessibility And App Lawsuit Report


New York, NY – UsableNet, a leading provider of Accessibility Technology and Services has released its official ADA Web and App Lawsuit Recap Report for 2019. The highly anticipated report has become an annual source for businesses of all sizes, accessibility professionals, digital agencies, law firms, news outlets and all impacted by the thousands of ADA Website lawsuits filed over the last few years.


The UsableNet research team monitors all federally filed ADA lawsuits and verifies which cases are related to web and app lawsuits to produce its targeted and unique annual report

In 2019, 2,235 new Website lawsuits were filed in federal court, many of which were aimed at the same industries as 2018. 

The report reveals findings on: 

  • ADA Website lawsuits continue to be filed at a rate of one-an-hour
  • 66% of top retailers and 60% of top Restaurants have received Website lawsuits 
  • 21% of lawsuits filed are against companies that have already been sued for digital inaccessibility on Websites and apps
  • Updated leaderboard of top law firms for ADA Web Accessibility Lawsuits for both plaintiffs and defending companies


About UsableNet

UsableNet is a technology leader and a driving force in the world of digital accessibility and usability. For more than 20 years, companies have relied on UsableNet to make their websites accessible or enable them to do the work themselves. We provide accessibility solutions to more than 250 companies around the globe, ranging from Fortune 1000 companies to small/medium enterprises, government agencies, educational institutions, and international organization and across industries, including leading brands in retail, travel, hospitality, food services, banking, insurance and healthcare.  


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