Vacation In Jamaica? News Of Dog Fed To Crocodile Upset Travelers


You have made your travel plans and packed your bags, ready to go to Jamaica for a wonderful vacation, then you read the news and you heard the unthinkable: Jamaicans are feeding live dogs to crocodiles in Greater Sewage Pond in Portmore, Jamaica. You wonder, how can this be, how can a society that prides itself on being such a great tourist island, can allow such things to happen and go unpunished? Worst, a human body has been discovered in a crocodile’s mouth, in this same area.  


Last month, a video went viral on Facebook, showing a black Labrador tied to a rope, being fed to a giant crocodile and viewers can hear the poor dog crying in agony while being crushed by the crocodile, and the criminals laughing in the background. Donald Tapia, the US Ambassador in Jamaica, has offered a $5000 reward to anyone who provides information that leads to an arrest. A private investigator has received many tips and testimonies that would allow the police to make an arrest, but in this case, for reasons unknown, no arrests have been made as yet.

We know that the men involved in this heinous crime are from Portmore, that one of them is named Ryan, that he has no front teeth and that these men are about 40 years of age. Someone even told the police that the dog that was murdered is believed to be missing from a specific backyard, yet the police responded by saying: “Stay out of police business”. This is unacceptable.


The Prime Minister’s office was contacted on May 22th, 2020, and Andrew Holness has been asked to intervene so that a full investigation can be undertaken. The Prime Minister’s office has not responded as yet.