Veolar Becomes First Company to Distribute Taxifolin Product to German Pharmacies


Germany becomes the first country where wonder molecule Taxifolin is available with Veolar’s product release in pharmacies across the country.


Germany, Release: September 16, 2021. For Immediate Release.


Veolar, a EU-based supplement company, has announced that its Taxifolin formula is now available in pharmacies throughout Germany, initiating the first sale of any Taxifolin product in the world. The premium quality product supplied by Veolar is a food supplement that is the ultimate antiviral compound, containing ultra-pure 98% taxifolin. The capsules contain a revolutionary formulation also including Arabinogalactan, Vitamin C, and Zinc aimed to enhance immunity and resistance to viruses, reduce chronic inflammation, and even slow the aging process.

“We are so excited to be leading the charge of introducing taxifolin to Germany’s market,” says a representative of Veolar. “The formula offered in our capsules has extensive, unprecedented benefits to human health, and the hope is that we will continue to expand accessibility to those who need natural, pure immunity.”

Taxifolin, also known as Dihydro-quercetin, is a molecule isolated and cold-pressed from the Dhaurian Larch Tree, native to Eastern Siberia. Over seven hundred scientific studies have been published about the unbelievable benefits of the molecule, showing it to be an incredibly powerful antioxidant. Taxifolin has been shown to provide benefits to cardiovascular health, cognitive functioning, allergic response, blood circulation, and immunodeficiency. Research has also shown that its antioxidant properties are far more effective than dietary carotenoids, lowering blood viscosity and improving capillary microcirculation.

The additions of other vitamins and minerals in Veolar’s product enhance the benefits. Arabinogalactan is a source of fiber with immune-enhancing and prebiotic properties, Vitamin C neutralizes free radicals and preserves cells, and Zinc helps maintain healthy immunity and oxidative functioning. The product is 100% natural and organic, approved as a food supplement by the European Food Safety Authority and U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

“Mother nature has always known how to care for every human being. The taxifolin molecule that is provided from the Dhaurian Larch Tree is the Siberian Taiga Forest’s best kept secret,” continues Veolar’s representative. “One pill of taxifolin contains the same amount of antioxidants that could be acquired with one whole kilogram of fresh berries, without the loads of sugar. This ‘wonder molecule’, delivered with the additional benefits of Arabinogalactan, Vitamin C, and Zinc, can change your life by giving the greatest gift in the world: health.”

Veolar has produced a video explaining the innovative, wide-ranging benefits of its taxifolin compound. Check your local pharmacy today to see if you can secure these groundbreaking new supplements. There are options for 50 capsule packages and 100 capsule packages.

If you are interested in purchasing the product online or learning more about the Veolar, you can do so here. If you wish to contact the company, you can email