Vermelēon By LaShae Washington Luxury Clothing, In District Heights, MD


Vermelēon, DMV’s luxury clothing brand! Vermelēon is a D.C.-based company that specializes in luxury clothes for men of all shapes and sizes.

The brand offers high-quality clothes at many different price points, from $100 to over $1000 for custom-made suits!

We also provide tailoring services as well as alterations and repairs on all clothing. Vermelēon has been a staple in the community for years, going strong even when other local businesses have closed. Their clothing is guaranteed to last a lifetime and will always be in style! Vermelēon is a one-stop-shop for men’s luxury clothing, as well as women’s luxury clothing.

The brand offers a wide variety of clothing. We specialize in men’s and women’s luxury clothing but also offer unisex and children’s clothes for a variety of ages. Vermelēon’s accessory section is just as expansive, with many options to mix and match with Vermelēon’s clothing. Vermelēon stocks all types of accessories, including shoes, hats, ties, handbags, bows, socks, cufflinks, and more!

Vermelēon also has many different styles to suit anyone’s tastes. The vintage clothing section includes both classic and modern looks for the well-dressed man or woman in the DMV. You can get your hands on an assortment of sizes available to suit everyone, no matter their shape or size. They also offer custom-made clothing for those who want a unique and tailored look.

Why Choose Vermelēon When You’ve Other Brand Nearby?

There are a few reasons.

Vermelēon is luxurious

The brand is all about high quality and luxury. We pay close attention to detail, and we take pride in what we do. Vermelēon is not just a clothing brand for us, but our lifestyle as well.

We sell a higher-end product at a lower price point. Vermelēon is not pretentious, and we do everything in our power to make sure the customer knows that Vermelēon’s clothes are made for them. Vermelēon founder and CEO LaShae Washington has 19 years of fashion industry experiencewith this, we know what it takes to make high-quality clothing and deliver on time.

Vermelēon is based in the DMV area, so our team supports and invests in the local community.

Vermelēon is committed to supporting the local community by sponsoring events and donating clothing. They also make sure that our team members work hard but have time to enjoy themselves as well.

Vermelēon has the best-ever designer for all the creative work

LaShae Washington is a fashion designer who has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. She is the brains behind all Vermelēon’s creative work, from designing the clothes to styling the shoots. LaShae Washington has worked with some of the biggest names in the fashion industry that brings her wealth of knowledge to Vermelēon.

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