Veteran Theatrical Producer Teddy Hayes offers FREE help to world-wide theatre-making community amid the Covid crisis


The Covid crisis has hit the world-wide theatre community hard.  Consensus speculation is that possibly more than half the existing theatres will either succumb and go out of business or remain dark for at least the year.

Whether or not this prediction of doom will come true, the worldwide theatre community is in peril.

While many producers cower at the thought, there is one producer who continues forging ahead with a fighting spirit and refuses to give in to the naysayers.

Theatrical producer/playwright, Teddy Hayes has decided that the future and health of theatre is too important not to approach it with innovation that can transcend the present problems; and therefore, has decided to offer his help to theatre-makers and producers free, for five days beginning on Monday 3rd -7th August.

This help comes in the form of an e-book called “The Guerrilla Guide To Being A Theatrical Producer”, a guide to theatre-makers on how to build a production from scratch.  This e-book includes practical, down to earth approaches to scriptwriting, raising money for productions, dealing with intellectual properties, choosing lawyers and agents and marketing.  Hayes believes that even though the Covid crisis will kill off some theatres, it will also create opportunities for new blood in the theatre business who will be in need of practical advice on how to mount successful productions in a number of changing situations.

Hayes has enjoyed a successful career in theatre over the past forty years that has ranged from Off Broadway and Broadway in New York in the 1980’s, through community theatre in the American Mid-West America to London’s Off West End from the mid 90’s to the present.

Hayes says “My experiences over the years have afforded me information and insights that I think are useful to both new producers just coming into the business as well as professionals with experience. Covid has created new problems that will demand new approaches and that is what I think this book speaks directly to. One of the things I wanted to incorporate was how producers can use the internet to assist them in the practicalities of producing that wasn’t available years ago. One of the main features in this e-book is the direct links that the reader can use to connect with those myriad of things that they will need to make a production happen; like insurance; a legal understanding of intellectual property and how to go about protecting it, as well as target marketing their shows through the internet before they appear in theatres.

Hayes says “For example, we are in the process of planning a new project “Sumpthin’ Kinda Country,” a country music musical that will debut in Ireland in 2021. We’ve already started publicity by making fully two animated videos during the lockdown.  And we have started promoting the music a year before the show is ready. Even though one of the songs, called “Pissin’ On My Head” was banned on Youtube because of its rude graphic humour, nevertheless the video has still helped people know about the show because Vimeo continues to carry the video. Also, we have even designed the show with the consideration for how to work out commercial break-even calculations using a special pre-sales approach taking into account the limitations presently offered by social distancing.” 

Hayes’  “never say die” approach to theatre offers hope to millions of theatre goers who can’t wait to get back into the theatre to enjoy live performance onstage , as well as to thousands of producers who might like to hear how it is done by an innovative thinking producer who has been there and done that.

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