Vietnam Digital Marketing Company Talks About The Importance Of SEO Services and Online Marketing


In recent years the newspaper world has seen their advertising revenue slashed due to the number of people who are now turning their back on printed media for their advertising needs. More businesses are now turning to online marketing to get their message across quicker, with a wider reach and at a reduced cost.

Although more people are now turning to online promotion to increase their brand, a recent report found that more than 46% of small business owners still don’t have a website. So, we thought we would speak to, a leading digital marketing company to find out more.

Here is what they had to say about Digital Marketing and SEO services.

First of all, please introduce yourself. I am Thien Ho is the founding managing director of, a digital marketing agency based in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam that focuses on data-driven campaigns. The company recently expanded to District 3 and Tan Phu, and its 10-person team works with big-name clients such as Gobear, Topdev, Suckhoedoisong,, and Prodima Agency…


You run a SEO and Digital Marketing Company, so what does that mean? SEO is part of Digital Marketing, but I want to emphasize that focuses on SEO the most. I believe that all businesses that want to increase their brand presence on the internet need a proper SEO strategy from the start.

Whether you are a small business or a large company and you want to reach potential customers in your industry with your website, you need to understand how customers search for your services, you need Create quality content, optimize user experience, and have a website structure that is easy to understand and use.


How important are SEO services in today’s world? SEO has always been the topic of discussion. However, many businesses in Vietnam still consider SEO only as an additional choice in overall marketing strategies or that it is unnecessary to cooperate with a reputable SEO Service. But in reality, SEO is not an additional option, much less a factor to ignore! SEO is the core component of realizing your marketing goals. That’s right, you didn’t get it wrong. SEO lays the foundation for every website. Surely you have heard of the countless benefits that a comprehensive SEO service can bring to your business. Although there are no specific formulas or estimates to determine the growth of a business over time, BUT… we guarantee to measure the results with the most accuracy.


46% of small business owners in the USA and UK do not have a website, why do you think that is? I think it will be a huge loss for that business, If you are wondering about the purpose of creating a website for your company then think about these things.

1) People use the internet like they used to use the phone book.

2) A business website gives your business legitimacy.

3) A business website gives you another marketing channel.

4) A business website gives you another opportunity for data collection / lead generation.

5) Ecommerce spending is increasing every year.

6) Webrooming can lead customers into your store.

What type of business should use your services?

All type, any one who want to increase their revenue and traffic online.


If a business is struggling to get in the top ten of Google Search for an important keyword, can you help them succeed? Yes, of course, we’ll assess how well they’re gaining in SEO, compare them to competitors in the same field, test your website’s SEO-related issues, and come up with strategies to improve your website and beat your competitors.


A recent study found that a large portion of small business owners who didn’t investigate how much SEO services were, thought they were expensive and did not use them, what is your opinion on that? SEO is a long-term investment and always a long-term strategy for any business that wants to see their revenue grow strongly. Think about this:


When you’re in 10th place, on average, your website has about 100 visitors per week for certain pages or keywords, with a value for each of your orders of 40 million and a conversion rate of 5%.

In total, theoretically, the website helps you earn 200 million per week.

If that page jumps to first place, that means you’ll be looking for about 1,250% more visitors per week, or 125,000 people.

Assuming nothing changes and traffic for this keyword is high, 125,000 traffic with a 5% conversion rate and an average order value of 40 million, then in total you will earn 250000 million (6250 people spend 40 million at a time).


As part of your services, you offer Facebook Ads, how important is Facebook for someone looking to promote their services? 1.4 billion people log into Facebook every day and more than 69 million of them live in Vietnam.

The incredible popularity of this platform has made the company a familiar name and one of the largest brands on the planet, with more and more subscribers every day. With Facebook’s continued growth, the growth of social media has become a treasure trove of leads, sales, and growth for marketer. Are you taking advantage of this gold mine of opportunities for your business or are you let competitors attract new customers who should be your customers?

At, we have many years of experience and use a variety of tools to help you attract more users who fit your age, location, gender, goals and more, giving you invaluable opportunities to connect with the ideal customers, promote sales and generate revenue. With all this and many other add-ons to complement or even replace your current marketing strategies, participating in Facebook marketing is undisputed for businesses of any size and scope in Vietnam.


One of the things that people struggle with when looking to promote their products and services is blog posts, so how can you help with that? We help our clients research keywords and help them find the most potential keywords for their blogs.’s content marketing team and SEO experts will create high-quality and SEO-optimized content to increase page 1 ranking for those blog posts.


If someone had a marketing budget, would you advise them to use it online or to advertise in local and national newspapers? Depending on the needs, products or services of the customer


What are the benefits of promoting a product or service online?

More Customers

Better Visibility

Increased Authority

Higher Quality Website Traffic

Long-Lasting Relationships


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