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Vitaltale Platform That Helps To Grow People’s Lives

In recent years, the telemedicine market has experienced rapid growth. According to forecasts, by 2030, the telemedicine market will amount to 460 billion dollars, nearly three times its current size. The trend towards an ever-widening penetration of telemedicine into people’s lives is clearly expressed in the VITALTALE platform.


VITALTALE is the world’s first social platform with integrated telemedicine tools and semantic markup based on ICD-10. This allows individuals from across the globe to resolve their health concerns, receive valuable information, and contribute to improving their quality of life. Each user can utilize this method to create a comfortable information environment and quickly access various health-related information, competent specialists, and like-minded individuals on health-related topics of interest. The Semantic Web provides a common framework that enables data sharing and reuse across applications, users, and system communities.

VITALTALE’s mission is to provide users with control over their health information, raise the quality of solving their health problems to a new level, remove geographical and language barriers to solving health problems, and improve human health and life expectancy in the process.


In accordance with Web 3.0, control over the user’s medical data is transferred to the individual. Specifically defined medical data is stored in a secure, accessible, lifetime manner for each individual or family member. The services implemented in VITALTALE per the DICOM standard allow the user to safely store, depersonalize, visualize, and transmit all types of medical data provided by the DICOM standard of any medical imaging devices. In compliance with HIPAA regulations, users’ medical data is encrypted and protected.

The VITALTALE platform offers telemedicine services that allow users to receive remote medical care regardless of the location of the medical specialist and the user. It is apparent that remote medical care is of significantly higher quality, as both the user and the medical specialist have online access to the necessary medical records and DICOM medical image files, as well as tools that aid in their visualization. Furthermore, it increases the speed with which medical services can be provided, which is vital in some cases and can lead to the saving of many lives.

VITALTALE co-founders have actively invested and continue to invest their own funds in the development of the platform since 2021. Thus, VITALTALE has successfully passed the MVP, Pre-alpha Release and Alpha-Release stages. Now VITALTALE is preparing for the IDO. The VITALTALE social platform has a bright future, in our opinion.

For more information on VITALTALE, please visit

Media Contact
Contact Person: Andreas Urlin

Address:71-75, Shelton Street, Covent Garden
City: London
Country: United Kingdom


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