Volunteer grassroots community of tech specialists tackling COVID-19 food shortages

COVID-19 Food Supply.com enables companies to transport and sell vital food items during world-wide pandemic


April 9, 2020 – Necessity is the mother of all innovation and in times of need, organisations become creative to prevent scarcity. COVID-19 Food Supply.com is one such organisation and their technology specialists are tackling food shortages created by the world-wide coronavirus pandemic. They are using machine learning to improve the flow of food through supply chains.  

The volunteer community is made up of 40 mathematics and technology experts. Together the team has built algorithms to solve the biggest issues facing the food supply chain. The team started with an algorithm for transporting and distributing food faster between companies, supermarkets, wholesalers, and distributors. According to the team, its algorithm can increase the transportation speed and capacity by up to 30%. COVID-19 Food Supply.com can also provide up to as much as 30% fewer miles travelled and time taken to move food between locations.

COVID-19 Food Supply.com is a community made up of specialists who have volunteered to apply their data science and mathematics skills. The grassroots volunteer group continues to grow with an assortment of data scientists, ML engineers, software engineers, and academics from all over the world working together to move and distribute food smarter and faster. The large number of technology experts joining forces means COVID-19 Food Supply can address the coronavirus pandemic. They are offering their data science skills to all food stakeholders in need.

“Covid-19 has created a surge in demand,” an organisation spokesperson said. “There are a lot of constraints, like labour shortages, that is preventing food reaching its final destinations efficiently. Increasing capacity during these difficult times is almost impossible. Therefore, optimising existing operations is the key.”

According to COVID-19 Food Supply, by using applied mathematical modelling, vital decision-making questions can be answered. Food transportation can be improved and made more efficient.

The volunteer team collects demand and supply data to model a company’s supply chain operation. The data collected is then turned into a mathematic equation. Machine learning is then applied to solve the equation and create the best possible answer for transporting food faster and smarter. The organisation is also examining other food-related problems such as predicting the impact of coronavirus food operations in the United Kingdom and how to plan effective.

For more information on COVID-19 Food Supply or to join its expert team of volunteers, please visit http://covid19foodsupply.com/.

About COVID-19 Food Supply

COVID-19FoodSupply.com is a community of grassroots volunteers from a mathematics and technology background. The community is hyper-focused on food shortage problems created by the coronavirus pandemic and have developed algorithms in logistics optimization to increase capacity and speed of food transportation. They are also exploring other issues and welcome dialogue with the right food stakeholders.

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