wall mounted wine rack


Wine Racks

Cool and contemporary or traditional and sturdy, wine racks come in many styles but ultimately the functionality need is the same: to safely and securely house your wines and preserve them at their best.

Table Top or Wall Mounted

Wine racks tend to be available in two designs, tabletop or wall mounted. Capacity can differ hugely from 4 bottles to 30 and more, depending on the size of your collection. Some choose to opt for a cellar or wine cooler, both offer excellent conditions but are expensive and take up significant space. A wine rack is cost effective, efficient and can fit into the existing décor of your home.

Size and Space

When deciding what wine rack is right for you, it is worth considering the following: Will the position of the wine rack keep the contents safe and secure – as wine racks are in essence an open rack without doors or fixings, placing it in a high traffic area of your home can increase the risk of it being knocked or the contents damage. Opt for an area that is safe and secure and easy to access.

What size or wine rack do I need? Look at the amount of wine you tend to store and consider the right size for your needs, 6 to 13 capacity is a popular choice for most households.

Location and Material

Depending on where in the world you live and the conditions within your home, the material that wine racks are made from can impact on the preservation and taste. A cool, damp environment can weaken a wooden wine rack while a very warm climate could heat a metal rack which may effect the taste of the wine.

Why do we need Wine Racks

Over many years the containers that hold wine evolved into what we know today as the trusty glass bottle. It was found that wine was stored best in glass bottles with a long neck and because of this shape, wine racks were created to hold them.

The space saving style of a wine rack means that you can house many bottles in a relatively small space either in the kitchen, pantry or cellar. So when choosing your wine rack, think about the benefit for the wine as well as a stylish addition to your home!

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