We Talk To The Man Who Wants To Become President Of The USA in 2024


In 2016 the world was shocked when ex-reality star and business tycoon won the election to become the new President. When people thought it was a one-sided race with Hilary Clinton becoming the first female President, Donald Trump swooped in to win the race.


Many believed that Donald Trump ran a dirty campaign, and although his dirty tricks got him elected the first time around his failing as a President failed to get him re-elected.


From 2016 through to 2020, the people of the USA were divided. There has never been a President who has divided the people as much as Donald Trump did. He will go down in the history books as a President who was more interested in self-promotion than the people who voted for him.


Now, the people have waved Donald Trump good bye, they are hoping that Joe Biden will do a better job than their soon to be ex-President. However, some people are not convinced. Joe Biden has said about all the things that he will do but many people are not convinced he will stand by his promises.


One man that promises to make a change is Thomas Paine. He wants to run for President of the United States in 2024. If you have never heard of him then you are not alone. Thomas Paine has been a heavily guarded secret, but a secret that the people of the USA could welcome.


Thomas Paine has said he will make major changes to people’s lives and will bring people together, so who is Thomas Paine, and what will he do, and what does he think of Donald Trump. We sat down with him to find out.


  1. First of all, can I ask you about Donald Trump, how would you rate him as a President? I give President Trump a poor rating in his role as President. Thinking of myself as a progressive, I believe progress is in the eye of the beholder so to speak—and I have not seen the progress I wanted from the Trump Administration.


  1. Why are you running for office in 2024? I am doing so because I believe that I bring a tremendous amount of useful common sense to the job.



  1. So, what key qualities does Thomas Paine have? I am a bleeding heart liberal. And I think the time has come to end homelessness in the United States—and any anxiety that goes with the threat of homelessness. I have a great solution. I also have a great solution for all of our immigration issues.


  1. What difference can you really make? I believe I can change the world in a radically positive way.


  1. You are not affiliated to any party, he is actually running as an Independent, why is that? I am an independent because for a Southerner who studies history and identifies with the union and hates what racism has been in the American South it’s very difficult to identify with the Democratic Party.


  1. If I remember rightly, the last person to run as an Independent and become President of the United States was Millard Fillmore back in 1850, so, lets be honest, the odds of you winning as an Independent are not high? First, let me say in the spirit of Jesse Jackson, that people have believed steadfastly in this nation that a campaign matters. A campaign in a vacuum (and at the moment it’s extremely important for the Thompson campaign) can matter. In terms of an independent being able to win, electoral votes are garnered by a plurality rather than a majority. I think President Trump’s story has introduced a new reality which is that the American public will elect a President who simply has had no involvement with politics until the current cycle—probably at least partially due to Americans’ hatred of politics and politicians. Thus, I think an independent could win. I think Donald Trump voted for Candidate Obama in 2008 before Donald’s mysterious hard turn to the right.


  1. If you could compare yourself to any previous President who would it be and why? I’ll take the easy way out. Teddy saved college football, and I am trying to do so. Teddy is associated with having fought against the major parties of his era. And part of us—everyone—wants to be viewed as a maverick, an independent thinker in the way Teddy is viewed.


  1. For the past four years with President Trump being in charge the USA has been divided, do you think Thomas Pain could bring the nation together? I’m sure more and more people will call me Robin Hood with my plan to tax the rich and just give people decent lives. If it were not for that reputation, I think I would be known as a lover of governing through collaboration. So obviously I believe I could have brought the nation together. We need common goals, and I would be very much focused on improving lifestyles.


  1. Do you think people are becoming fed up of only having two parties to choose from when voting for their next President? I think the American people wanted more choices in the general election in 2020.


  1. In your mind, what makes a great President? A great President is one who makes a tremendous positive change for this nation—this is still a nation that needs to improve dramatically.


  1. If you run for election in 2024, you could be facing Donald Trump who has privately said he will run again, how can you compete against someone who has such a loyal following? One change I would need is that one of my documents would have to become a huge seller. Please check out www.WorkingForPresidentGrant.com Reality is that need to become famous with a best seller. And the Ku Klux Klan is not looking to help me. It would be a long list. But going against Donald? I’m a great communicator!


  1. If you became President, what changes to the country could we expect to see? My administration would give us a decent place to live


  1. How much of a loyal following do you have and why do you want to become President? The post-Declaration of Independence “Thomas Paine” will one day have a following that deeply loves him.