What Is The Going Rate For Exterior House Cleaning ?


Exterior House Cleaning will vary from one house to the next and also from one pressure washing service to the next. Depending upon the size of your house and what service you want done can make the cost hard to just give one good going rate.

If you want your roof cleaned the price will be a lot more because of the service being done. Roof cleaning is a more dangerous job because of being higher up and will take special insurance for the service provider which in turn will make his insurance more costly. Not every pressure washing service will provide roof cleaning because of the high risk and for the special equipment it takes to apply the solution to clean the roof. With that being said a roof cleaning going rate usually is right around .30 cents a square foot here in northern Indiana.A roof cleaning in Granger Indiana

A house wash will vary on how big the house is also and will vary on what the pressure washing service provider will include. Miller Soft Wash includes everything except removing the discoloration on siding that happens from the sun fading it over time. Miller Soft Wash will include the exterior of the gutters, soffits, facia, windows sills and the front porch. We will clean everything that’s organic like the green algae and the black mold. We will clean all the dirt, grime, cobwebs and make the whites whiter. Our house wash comes with a treatment for the siding that kills the green algae and black mold. Not every pressure washing service will provide this in their house wash so be sure you know what’s all being cleaned for said price before hiring a provider. But with that being said the going rate is .14 to .18 cents a square foot.


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