Where are the Black Women in Sex Tech? Entrepreneur Glenise Kinard-Moore Makes History with Disruptive Sex Tech Invention, The VDOM


Atlanta, Georgia – Glenise Kinard-Moore is on a mission to humanize sex with her latest invention, the VDOM. She just so happens to be a lesbian, African American, and from one of the fastest growing startup scenes in the country, Atlanta, Georgia.

In mid-2019, Kinard-Moore founded SkiiMoo Tech LLC, a tech-based consumer product firm and the parent company of VDOM LLC.  VDOM LLC specializes in the creation of prosthetic genital devices to enhance intimate adult experiences, with an emphasis on the LGBTQIA+ community.

The VDOM, her first invention, is a patent-pending app-connected wearable device that can go from flaccid to erect at the push of a button or via a swipe on a smartphone or smartwatch using The VDOM Mobile app.

“I am empowering people with sexual restrictions or inhibitions to enjoy intimate moments without hassle or awkwardness through the use of technology and innovation combined,” commented Kinard-Moore.

For LGBTQIA+ persons, particularly lesbian, queer women and trans men, enjoying intimate moments spontaneously arrives with unique challenges. These challenges are most relevant to instances where partners use a strap-on with one another.

“Sex involving a strap-on is very common within the LGBTQIA+ community. And it can be fun! However, it can also be clumsy as well as difficult, to enjoy sex spontaneously,” added Kinard-Moore.

The VDOM removes this layer of clumsiness via its app-enabled technology, with the ability to go from flaccid to erect at the push of a button.

Sex tech is now projected to be a $30+-billion-dollar industry, with innovators coming forward throughout the world. Even so, very few sex tech founders have addressed the unique needs of lesbian, queer women and trans men as Kinard-Moore’s VDOM plans to.

Tiffany Ford, Founder of up and coming Toronto based VC firm, Co-Fund Capital, is confident that VDOM is set to positively disrupt sex tech.

“VDOM is the perfect impact investment opportunity with a real solution for the FTM community, stated Ford.”

VDOM is currently seeking investment and has launched a crowdfunding campaign on ifundwomen.com which can be supported here. The VDOM prototype is scheduled to be finalized late May 2020.


Glenise Kinard-Moore is a wife, a daughter, sister (youngest of three), tech nerd, idealist, and visionary. An information security professional during the day and an ambitious tech creative at night. She likes to say that my superpower is breaking apart many things to create new things. Glenise holds an undergraduate degree from Georgia State University, where she played 4-years of division 1 women’s basketball. She has worked within the information security world for the last six plus years and holds several industry recognized information security and audit certifications. Her experience in information security and audit is why Glenise has taken information security and cybersecurity so serious when building The VDOM mobile application. “The VDOM is by far the most challenging idea that I have worked on diligently to bring to life, but I feel like it had to be done for so many reasons”, says the creator. “There are so many people who experience certain physical sexual restrictions and ultimately there are only a very small handful of solutions that even try to address such issues”, stated the creator. Glenise wanted to use her tech skills and knowledge to challenge herself to find a solution to the annoying world of limited and ineffective products. “I knew it needed to be able to be worn comfortably all day, it needed to be hands-free as much as naturally possible and it needed to be able to go from non-erect to erect via a simple process” says the creator. And The VDOM was born. The VDOM is set to be available to consumers in late 2020, presales are set to begin this summer 2020.



VDOM, LLC is an ingenious #sextech firm that focuses on human inspired engineering and artificial intelligence. We specialize in creating state of the art prosthetic devices that enhance the adult sexual experience. Our premiere device, The VDOM TM, is an app-connected adult wearable device that has the ability to go from flaccid to erect at the push of a button.

The VDOM TM is here to revolutionize the sex tech industry through the evolution of research, science and technology.


About the Parent Company:

SkiiMoo Tech, LLC is a research, science, technology and engineering firm born out of the Southside of Atlanta. Being a mashup of thinkers, creators and innovators, SkiiMoo Tech was created to disrupt the status quo and break through societal barriers by leveraging “all things tech”. Our focus is on inventing technologically advanced solutions for niche markets that are usually not on the forefront.


To create tech-based products that alter, change, and/or upgrade human lives in the most positive ways imaginable.