White House Issues an Executive Order on Improving Cybersecurity


On May 12, the White House, in a show of just how rampant cyber security breaches have become, released an Executive Order on improving the country’s cybersecurity. Highlighting the order were actions the White House suggested businesses should take – similar to those one might receive from a reputable Cyber Security firm:


• Have an effective cyber incident response and remediation.

• Convert existing cyber policies to a Zero Trust architecture. 

• Secure Cloud services

• Follow the NIST framework

• Implement 2 factor authentication

• Utilize automated threat hunting software that learns using artificial intelligence

• Implement periodic Penetration Testing to ensure that the Cyber Defense systems that have been put in place are configured properly and are working


“Think of the ransomware news headlines as bank robberies”, said Scott Lumpkin, CEO of Cyber S.A.F.E., a leading reputable cyber security firm in Orlando. “We all know that banks get robbed. Do individuals get robbed? Absolutely! It may be your house, your car or every valuable on your person at the time. Do these make the news? Not usually, but such an event can be devastating to the person who just lost everything. The same logic applies to any business that experiences a major cyber attack.”

Lumpkin adds that the key points listed by the White House are a great road to a secure environment but also adds that email security that analyzes at the API level should also be a focal point for any business cyber security solutions.

Physical security can also add another layer of security to any business looking to protect itself from cyber attacks. If someone wants to bypass the difficulties of hacking your business from the outside, they can sometimes walk right in posing as someone who belongs there. Once they’re inside, the damage can be debilitating by simply inserting a USB drive or other malicious device that will act as a shortcut to allow him or her to access the business network remotely.

Lumpkin further adds, “this executive order for government entities and contractors is a great wake-up call for all business owners. Yes, the million-dollar plus ransomwares make the headlines, but it’s happening everywhere. It takes just a little information for a bad actor to create a huge problem for you and your business”. Protect your business with a business vulnerability scan.


To read the full briefing from the White House, click here — https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefing-room/presidential-actions/2021/05/12/executive-order-on-improving-the-nations-cybersecurity/ 

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/-V0A9aUQRi4

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