Who is Young Mexicann?


Young Mexicann is working on his highly anticipated album Red Dream which is set to have pretty high standards. He has been working on it since 2020.

Young Mexicann, the so called Mexican Idol was born in Purépero, Michoacán. He lived in Mexico till he was about a year and a couple months old then came to the United States to chase the American Dream. His Mother Rosa Gonzalez Sosa a young lady who is only 31 and Juan Perez Sosa who is only 33. Welcomed Kevin Perez Gonzalez (Young Mexicann) into the world in their late teens. Young Mexicann currently is still in school and studies Fire Fighting and EMT. He also is a Talented Musician considering the fact that he can play the Drums. He was taught at and early age.

Young Mexicann, says “ Instead of playing with the other kids i had to practice on the drums, I didn’t want to. I was a kid i wanted to play but then i fell in love with the drums and they became so handy that my uncle and my dad even let me join their band. We used to go and play at 15’s and stuff like that but then we stopped”.

Not sure why they stopped but young Mexicann has uploaded pictures and videos of him on the drums. Could they be starting up the band again? Now going into this mystery Album, Red Dream, is set to release sometime in Summer 2021 the Highly anticipated Album takes place in a Dream world. We asked him to give more information and he said the following, “in the night time i get sad and over think”.

He also said “the way the Album is structured is the beginning i will bring the listener into that Red Dream concept, near the end i will bring them back into life, back into reality. Red Dream is all in your head, it’s a dream world” we will stay tuned waiting for the album. Thousands anticipate the Album. Has the potential to be the best Album ever in Alamance, North Carolina. Album Cover is yet to be made. Instagram: https://instagram.com/young.mexicann Twitter: https://Twitter.com/youngmexicann