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Why Is Everyone Talking About Singing Sensation Rebecca Ray

Once in a while a new artist comes along that sets the music world alight. Once such artist is Rebecca Ray who has already gained a huge social media following.

With more than 1.26M subscribers on her YouTube Channel ( and a voice that stops people in their tracks, it’s hard to believe that Rebecca Bay is an unsigned artist.

She has become one of the most talked new artists on social media. With her cover version of ‘Flowers’ by Miley Cyrus being called amazing with some saying it’s better than the original, her new single ‘Sleeping On You’, has been described as out of this world.

Her fans have the same question as we have after listening to her music, why is Rebecca Ray not signed?

We got together with Rebecca Ray to learn more about the artist and see what makes her tick, and what the future holds, this is what she had to say.

You are a vocal coach, Singer-Song Writer, and mentor, when did your fascination with music begin?

From a young age, I was fascinated with the voice, how you can change and manipulate it to make different sounds. I started impressions at 6 years old mainly to my mother, snow white, for example. I would try cartoons, actors, singers later on.

I started to write poetry around 13 years old, and that developed naturally into songwriting at 18. My parents remember me dancing in from of the TV at 2 years old, transfixed on the screen! I have had the pleasure helping others sing too which is a wonderful version.

You have just released your new song, ‘Sleeping on You, what is the song about?

Sleeping On You, is essentially a romantic song with the notion of having that intimate moment when you literally are so comfortable with one another you sleep and dream together. However, there is that hesitation of fear that you’re scared this bliss will come crashing down, maybe a type of self-sabotage but you want to freeze frame everything in that present moment, for as long as it lasts. A feeling where you are both untouchable in your own secret world.

How did you come up with the new song, and what do you write first, the lyrics, or the music?

I wrote it about 3 years ago, usually I will sit at a piano or my baritone ukulele and have a stream of unconscious sprout out! There’s not usually a set way when it comes to writing a song, but luckily with Sleeping On You, the main melody and lyrics were there, the bones as I would say. I sat down at the piano and will record myself on my phone, (I still have the video of it- cringe) and just see what comes out organically. It is a matter of refining and working with my producer to breathe more life into it. Sometimes words stick in my head, or an idea and I will just sing it into the phone to work with at a later date. I have comedy ideas whirling around also, little ditties! I think maybe I can use that sometime, just for fun or maybe a show.


Elton John technique of writing a song is for his writing partner to be in a different room from him, what is your technique to writing new music?

I write everything on my own unless I am singing collaboratively with someone. I would love to have the opportunity to write with others, in or out of the same room, like Sir Elton John! I think that would feel special, two minds coming together expressively creating art. If I collab, then I usually just write my part. I like stillness around me so I can just let whatever out, out in a therapeutic kind of way. Really release into whatever is harbouring in me. Sometimes it can be extremely emotionally draining, or a relief in some aspect. I don’t really think about it, I just do it and hope something comes from it.

What inspires you to be creative?

People, relationships of the past, going with a state or feeling. Sometimes News stories have made me want to throw myself at the piano. Capsize this Fear was written after the Ariana Grande tragedy. I didn’t release it, I just wanted to write something from the devastation, from my heart. If I am in a jovial mood, I can see the world in a different light, and see the absurd nature of where we live, I just want to write comedy and share songs in a fun silly ‘don’t take life too seriously’ kind of way. Humour is imperative in my world, and it heals so many, as much as the serious songwriting. Creativity to me, can be writing, singing, impressions, doing comedy improv with a group. I sometimes get inspired by great singers or songs it hooks in me and I want to follow my instincts and see what I can do.

Taylor Swift said as she gets older, she feels more creative, would you agree with that?


Absolutely! I think generally people will lessen their creative thirst, which is so depressing to hear, I understand why though. Society and what is expected for us as adults. I’ve been through creative droughts, and it is a terrible feeling. I always have in my head, ‘if you have one year to live, what do you do in that time’? I know it is dramatic, but life doesn’t slow down, it continues to flow, and you gotta get on with it and make it the best you can, mistakes and all. Don’t aim for perfection, that doesn’t exist. There is so much more I want to do creatively! More so now than ever.

What’s the first thing you do when you get an idea for a song?

I usually fire up my phone and get recording quickly before I forget! That can happen a lot and then I go into panic mode!

With more than 60,000 followers on Instagram, you are quickly becoming a rising star in the music world, how long has it taken you to reach this level of success?

Well, I try not to fixate on numbers, but I know fans want to share in your success, they are amazing and I am extremely grateful to have them support me. My friend Natalie threw me a big party celebrating million subs on my YouTube channel, Rebecca Vocal Athlete.  I was so shocked, but it was very sweet! Nice cake. So, March 2018 – First 1000 subs, Aug 2020 – One million Subs, and in May 2023 – Passed 270,000,000 channel view Content that has been viewed across every content and even on the ISS, which blows my mind. As long as I can keep creating, coaching too, then life all is good.

You have an incredible voice, but did you always sound like that. Ed Sheeran has admitted that when he started out, he had a terrible voice and needed vocal training to get his voice just right, what training have you had?

Well firstly thank you! That is very kind. Hard to imagine Ed with a bad voice right! I recall having 2 private lessons at around 15. I didn’t like them, they were boring, so I stopped that. I’ve never had consistent training; I believe my continuing to do impressions and singing mimicking, being playful helped, strengthening the muscles.  Of course, I advise all to have suitable training as it will make a massive difference. I studied the voice from my twenties and read, researched lots. But I was never the best at singing, my shyness ruined that, lack of confidence is a killer!

Some of your fans have said some of your covers including Miley Cyrus Flowers is better than the original, how do you choose the songs that you are going to cover?

Oh, gee well I wouldn’t ever say that, but they are very sweet!  ‘Flowers’ was my first cover that I released into the music wild, for it to be streamed etc. I’ve always been fascinated with covers that are different vocally, or instrumentally, I wanted to see what the song would sound like in James Bond, theme, style slightly darker. I have had fans comment that they would like me to sing a bond type song so here it is! I wondered how this huge pop song would sound in a completely different way, with strings, bass, French horn, the works!  I feel like the song has taken on a different meaning, one with a sultry full-bodied sound, which suits the lyrics. It is my first cover single to be released on all major streaming platforms. The video I made matches the bond style also and was so much fun to film! Reminiscent of bond songs, powerful, glamourous, and determined.  I felt I had to take on a different persona for the song, moody, and passionate! It was fun to dress up!

What are you completely bored of in life right now, and what excites you?

I get bored doing the same thing over, over and over again. I feel my brain dumbs down if I don’t use it to its capacity, ha-ha whatever that is. I want more challenged I suppose. I definitely want sync deals! I would cry!  I feel a manager would help guide me through this crazy world of entertainment, to suck up any opportunity to work with likeminded people really excites me.  A stint on SNL would be a blast, that would be something. Nothing better than that. It can be quite isolating working on your own, but I can work when I want, which is good. I have suffered badly of burn out and depression when I don’t press the stop button in me!

What is your favourite drink when you go out for a night out, and what song currently gets you on the dance floor?

Glass of Milk. Jokes! I’m not a big drinker, but I do like a cocktail…oh actually and Old Fashioned, yes that one, I feel cool with one of those. Song wise, anything by The Killers, or something like Candi Staton, young hearts run free.


You are currently an unsigned artist, would you like to become a signed artist, or would you like to stay unsigned, so you have complete control over your musical career?

Hmm well I have been signed twice already, but didn’t enjoy the experience too well, as the music was crap! I’d love to work with people with the same vision, people who want to genuinely help who I vibe with, but so far, I enjoy being mainly a recording artist, release what I want, when I want. I am currently working on an EP with my awesome producer Joe Rodwell.

If you could do a duet with any artist in the world, who would it be and why?

Shipping heck that’s a hard one. Good question. Ok I’m going to cheat and say three! Sorry, Brendon Urie, from Panic at the Disco, wow that range?! He seems such a great human too, I think we would laugh a lot. Chris Stapleton because have you heard him? hello, Mr sexy country Gravel, what a voice! Also, Regina Spektor, she has a beautiful voice, and I adore her vocal style, lyrically stories too.  I want to add many more, but I will stop there. I respect and love so many artists out there.

What is your musical goal and what is motivating you to achieve that goal?

I feel I haven’t focused much on my music on a whole, so I would like to continue to release music and be grateful if anyone can relate to it just enjoy listening to it and follow, I would be happy with that, I am not under any illusions to be huge but just build an audience who likes what I do. I wouldn’t say no to a grammy! Haha 

Just keep going and enjoy the ride.

To learn more about Rebecca Ray, check out her social media platforms.







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