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Two-thirds of mobile phones are contaminated with bacteria or viruses, but most people never clean them

With more than 52 million people contracting Coronavirus in the USA, it is now more important than ever to take precautions. Although people clean their hands and wear face masks, they don’t think about cleaning their mobile devices. Buy Faster Shop, an online store that sells top-quality products at low prices wants to educate people on the importance of sterilizing their mobile phones.

The popular online store (https://buyfaster.shop/) that sells everything from gadgets & electronics to home and kitchen products is now selling a UV Sterilizer with Charger Box (https://buyfaster.shop/uv-sterilizer-with-charger-box/). The UV Sterilizer with Charger Box kills 99.9% of germs from mobile devices. As well as cleaning mobile devices it also cleans other items such as watches and small belongings.

56 studies have been conducted in 24 countries between 2005 and 2019 that look at bacteria on mobile devices. The studies found that 68% of those mobile phones were contaminated. Contaminated mobile phones pose a real biosecurity risk. Viruses can live on mobile devices from hours to days to weeks, causing a serious health risk to the user.

The bacteria on a mobile device can easily be transferred when touching it, providing a dangerous breeding ground. With the COVID pandemic being a serious problem around the world, mobile phone owners must clean their devices at least once a day. The UV Sterilizer with Charger Box allows people to do just that.

A spokesman for Buy Faster Shop explained the importance of using the UV Sterilizer with Charger Box.

“It is so important that people continue to clean their hands. It is also important that they clean their mobile devices. By cleaning a mobile device with the UV Sterilizer with Charger Box it helps to keep them safe and their family and friends.”

As well as cleaning mobile devices and removing any harmful bacteria, the UV Sterilizer also charges mobile phones. Priced at just $58.99 it is a two-in-one product. It will charge mobile devices using Qi-enabled technology. It provides a fast charge, and with it being portable it can be taken anywhere.

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