Winner of the Analyst’s Choice Award – qico has just launched on KickStarter


What IS qico? Why back qico on Kickstarter?

Not just a cute name – it looks like a wireless charging pad but that’s not all it does – qico:
– Auto Backup
Lets you wirelessly and securely backup your smartphone’s photo, video and contacts content to your Windows PC automatically each time your phone is placed on the qico pad. No data file size limits to worry about.

– Bidirectional File Transfers
Allows you to transfer files and even texts bidirectionally between your smartphone and PC seamlessly.

– Destination Selection
You choose where to transfer the files or text, so it’s organized right away!

– Copy/Paste
Copy texts from your phone and paste it to your PC – important presentation notes, instructions, directions ect – directly to the location you need without having to use email or messenger or any other go between.
Copy a location URL from your PC and paste it to maps on your phone to get going!
Copy a YouTube link and paste it directly to Youtube on your PC to watch it there or on a connected Big Screen.

-Wireless Charging
All those functions while charging your phone wirelessly. Done charging? It’ll still continue to back up if you pick your phone off the qico pad.

-LED Color Options
You’ll be able to customize the function color to your liking and change it anytime easily!

MediaGear just launched qico on KickStarter February 5th 2020! Be among the first to get on board and help us green lighting this project so that you can get your hands on qico and be a part of it’s success story! Visit