With the rising trend in bargain hunting, one savvy shopper is helping her fans score big

A love of shopping becomes a love of saving for one Florida woman, on a mission to find the best bargains and teach others to do the same.

People are always searching for ways to save a little money–from clipping coupons to waiting for sales at our favorite stores, it seems like most of us have tried it all. The days of ‘shop ‘til you drop’ may seem like a thing of the past, but one woman is paving a new path and helping people save money and start shopping without the guilt.

Her name is Erica MIller but she’s better known as One Cute Couponer to her 510,000 YouTube subscribers and 134,000 Instagram followers. They have been putting her savvy strategies to work for themselves and seeing results. Her methods are not only unique, they work, and for her thousands of fans and followers, she has saved them some serious cash on everything from fashion to groceries to finding ways to eat for free at your favorite restaurant.


With the dawn of the internet came a surge of coupon queens and extreme couponing, but none have been quite like Erica. Her journey started with clipping coupons and monitoring sales cycles but she soon realized there were incredible bargains both online and in stores right in her own neighborhood, and when those deals were combined they added up to serious savings.

Erica says it really doesn’t matter where you shop–bargains are all around, you just need to know where to look. If you prefer shopping in person, Erica suggests starting with Walmart and using the store’s mobile app as you shop. The app allows you to scan items on the spot–often times revealing much lower prices than what is marked.  That’s because most stores update product prices in their computer systems before they are changed on the shelves.


Another big piece of advice? Shop early in the morning, because that’s when you will find the best clearance deals. You are also more likely to find these surprise sales at the beginning of the month. Erica also says you should never skip the clearance section–which is where you can find many out-of-season items for a fraction of the price.

If you do more shopping online than in person these days, Erica also has tips for snagging deals on Amazon and other popular websites, too. The best part is–she brings the bargains right to you. She scours sites like Amazon.com, collects all the best bargains, and organizes them all on her website.


She also explains how to snag free deals, too, using membership and birthday rewards, which almost everyone offers. You can also find a wide range of deals on social media sites, and she shows you exactly how to find those on her website at OneCuteCouponer.com. Leveraging her years of experience, and trial and error, Erica has created a unique, streamlined formula that works almost anywhere – and she is setting the stage for the future of bargain hunting.

To learn more about Erica, visit her website at OneCuteCouponer.com, follow her on YouTube or Instagram.

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