Woman offers marketing consultant services


Marilyn Bryant-Tucker of Rocky Mount has retired from the Wake County government effective Dec. 1 after 20 years of service, starting in September 1999.

Before working as human services senior case manager (child support) in Wake County government, Bryant-Tucker was a correctional officer at the N.C. Correctional Institution for Women from 1990–95. She was a correctional admission technician at Polk Youth Institution from 1995-96 in Raleigh. Also, she was a Wake County probation and parole surveillance officer at the Department of Corrections from 1996-98 and a child support agent II at the Durham County Department of Social Services from 1998–99.

After 29 years of public service at various responsibilities, Bryant-Tucker is leaving with exceptional skills to impact the business community as an entrepreneur.

Bryant-Tucker graduated in 1990 with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Fayetteville State University. During her service, she furthered her education to earn a master’s degree in business administration from Strayer University in 2011 and an executive graduate certificate in 2012. Also, Bryant-Tucker has pursued doctoral studies in marketing.


She is a multi-skilled and multi-talented personality as she doubled as an entrepreneur with MBT Marketing Solutions & Associates as a product of her business acumen to make a difference for entrepreneurs in the field of marketing.

Going forward, Bryant-Tucker will resume as the chief executive officer of MBT Marketing Solutions & Associates to harness her zeal for helping micro- and small-business owners grow their business. She will work with the business community to render wide-ranging marketing services, including business development, experiential event marketing, branding, communications and event planning.

Bryant-Tucker is an author and a publisher with three books in her credit, including “Business Envy 101: What Every Business Student Needs to Know,” “Boss Up: Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Success” and “Up Your Game: Marketing Made Simple — Manual for Micro Business Owners and Entrepreneurs.”