Xibalba By Whole Story Music – A Rapturous Journey Into The Underworld



The story behind Xibalba and Whole Story Music:

Xibalba is the second album of the trilogy from the Day of the Dead series. A musical celebration and commemoration of this significant date in Mexican culture.

This outstanding melodic house album was artistically crafted by a collaboration of eight different artists; Eleven Of July (Italy), Civil Servant (Canada), Marksman, Cliquee (UK), Bloodkedelic (Tunisia), Blachord (Greece), Loui Marts and Chinosynth (Mexico).

The production team behind the inspiration for Xibalba is Whole Story Music, founded by Starskinson Garay and Luis Delgado. They are a passionate duo who have a great love for music. They also guide and promote new talent, as well as producing large numbers of events nationwide.

Each artist crafted their track as a tribute to represent the duality and sense of death that is unique to the Mexican culture. Through this journey, listeners are absorbed into a musical exploration of the underworld.


Xibalba is an 8 track album that guides listeners through a mystical and exciting journey into the depths of our souls. Deep house beats vibrate throughout the body, evoking intense feelings of euphoria that carry us into a hypnotic state of ecstasy.

Each artist has developed a sense of mystery and exploration into the unknown. “To the Darkness” stands out as a particularly intense track with profoundly dark house vibes that envelop the listener into an alternate universe. The final track “Humanity” gradually elevates listeners into a rebirth of fantastical excitement and release.

Xibalba is an imaginative and exceptional compilation of melodic house music. It keeps listeners continuously enthralled, engaged, captivated and in a state of ecstatic sonic bliss. This is a must add to your melodic house playlist. If you enjoy music from artists such as Relevant Artist and Artbat, then you will love Xibalba by Whole Story Music.

Follow this link to listen to Xibalba: https://open.spotify.com/album/3yXlP19FmgTeq0xCkvycDA

What’s next for Whole Story Music?

Whole Story Music told us: “Our next project is the third and last album of this Day of the Dead series where we are going to represent the sky, the last border of Hanal Pixan.” Make sure to follow them on social media for their next release.

In the meantime, Whole Story Music has a message for all its listeners: “Never forget those people who are no longer with us and remembering them keeps them alive in the Xibalba. The music presented in this album is for each of you to select your favourite song and connect with those people who went before us. Dance, enjoy, feel.”

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