90 Day Fiancé star Patrick Cornett pursues his dream as a DJ in Las Vegas


90 Day Fiancé star Patrick Cornett is now pursuing his dream as a DJ in “Sin City” Las Vegas. Considered the highest rating 90 Day Fiancé premier in franchise history, this season is not one to miss! Fan favorite, Patrick is known as the good looking, Southern heartthrob from Lexington, Kentucky who met his potential companion Myriam online. Their story unfolds with cameras on 90 Day Fiancé, but fans weren’t too pleased to see that Patrick wasn’t aware that his potential companion Myriam had a huge secret. Myriam lives in France and Patrick decided to hop on a plane and travel over 4,000 miles to finally meet her in person. The storylines incredible twist includes Patrick flying out to Paris only to find out that Myriam has a boyfriend. Instead of heading home, he stays and makes sure to experience all that Paris has to offer.

Where is Patrick now?

With over 29K followers on Instagram, while actively releasing content on social media, Patrick has made the extra effort to expand his name in the music industry by integrating his past history of being on tour with Taylor Gang (Wiz Khalifa’s team) and his nonstop energy to provide exciting DJing experiences in Las Vegas. Excitingly enough, Patrick aka DJ SKILLS, identifies his passion is in the entertainment business and finds producing to also be very fascinating. So much so, that his song “None of Your Business,” was picked up by the series “Insecure” and premiering on the season finale on September 30th.

Producing started as a hobby in college, but now he engineers beats and mixes songs to add fuel to his fire as a part of his daily regimen. The momentum for Patrick Cornett has truly begun in Las Vegas and this seems to only be the beginning. Already playing at both Sapphire’s Day Club and Chateau Nightclub while only being a resident of Vegas for seven months, we’d say he’s on his way to more headlining gigs in Las Vegas. Where would you like to see Patrick DJing in Las Vegas?

Company Name: DJ Skills
Contact Person: Reñeta Johnson
E-mail: djskillsmgmt@gmail.com
Phone: 702.670.1942
State: Nevada
Country: USA
Website: www.iamdjskills.com