90 Minutes Of The Fever Is Now Released To The Public


“What would you do if you thought the world was ending — that the end of the world was today?” Apocalyptic sci-fi thriller 90 Minutes of the Fever is the screenplay and directorial debut of notable writer Michael Sean Hall.

90 Minutes of the Fever pulls its characters through a litany of tests of family loyalty, moral fortitude, and psychological endurance after an ordinary day turns into a living nightmare.

90 Minutes of the Fever stars a compelling ensemble cast of Glenn Plummer (Menace II Society, The Day After Tomorrow, Saw II), James Black (Burn Notice, Six Feet Under, Tyler Perry’s House of Payne, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine), Marcus T. Paulk (Red Tails, Moesha, Take the Lead), Marie-Francoise Theodore (Mob Rules, the Young and the Restless), Louie Ski Carr (Soul Train, New Edition), and Parker McKenna Posey (My Wife and Kids).

90 Minutes of the Fever released to the public on January 15, 2019 in select theaters and to wide rental release via Amazon Direct, Google Play, and iTunes. http://www.90minutesofthefever.com

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