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The safe for the beach is called Koz Safe which keeps people’s possessions safe on the beach. It has been designed and invented by Mark Szrenko who wanted to help cut down the number of thefts on beaches around the world.

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With thefts on beaches in the USA at its highest level, something had to be done to cut down crime. While many security products have been invented, none of them have helped to keep valuables safe or reduce the crime rate. Now, thanks to a new safe for the beach called Koz Safe, which is the brainchild of Mark Szrenko, crime is now being reduced.

Leaving valuable possessions on the beach to take a dip in the water can have disastrous consequences. The Beach Safe which is a portable device that screws into the sand aims to provide sunseekers reassurance that their valuables are safe no matter where they are on the beach or in the water. It can hold many items including a wallet, money, keys, sunglasses and so much more. Once screwed into the sand, the waterproof container is completely hidden from criminals’ eyes.

Koz Safe, which screws into the sand is currently available through a crowdfunding platform with a huge discount. It is currently available to purchase for $54. Law enforcement experts have called this a fight back against criminals and one of the best inventions to keep valuables safe when on the beach. Other experts have said, if more people bought this product, then the crime on the beach would be reduced and criminals will be forced to go elsewhere for their criminal activity.

The beach safe security product is easy to use and takes under two minutes to set up. It has been called the best security device to keep valuables safe on the beach. Unlike other security products which are hidden under a towel where the criminal can come along and walk off with it, Koz Safe is so much different and very secure. First of all, Koz Safe is hidden in the sand, and secondly, it would take a criminal 200kg of lifting force with a powerful grip to get it out of the sand. That is why so many security experts are impressed with Koz Safe.

When asked how he felt about all the positive reaction he has received about his Beach Safe product, Mark Szrenko replied: “The feedback has been amazing. My aim was to invent a product that would allow people to enjoy the beach without worrying about their valuables. Koz Safe works and is helping to give people confidence and cut down on crime.”


Koz Safe is going to be one of the best-selling beach security devices in the world, and for those people who want to grab their beach security product now can do so by visiting https://www.kozitsgood.com

About Koz Safe

Koz Safe is a security product for the beach that brings confidence to people. It stops valuables being stolen and has become one of the most talked about beach security devices in the world.

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