A HIT MUSIC GROUP Label just got major distribution deal with Ingrooves Universal through Keith Clizark


This is a major coup for the new label, where their music will be released through Ingrooves who recently joined the Universal Music Group Family.


Trent Woods founder and the CEO of A HIT MUSIC GROUP is pleased to announce they have acquired a major distribution through The Diamond Producer Keith Clizark who has a partnership with Ingrooves.


Ingrooves is now part of the Universal Music Group family and this new deal will allow A HIT MUSIC Group to release their first single April 5th 2019. The first single is titled You Better Twerk from artist Hustlin B which features artist from Houston Texas Money Making Boom, G.T.Garza, and Mr.Wired Up.


The new label is currently looking for new exciting artists to sign. For those that feel they really stand out, and want to be notice, they should contact the CEO of A HIT MUSIC GROUP. He is willing receive demo tapes and talk to artists who are looking to record music with professional backing.


For more details, and to contact the record label, please Contact T.Woods at trent.n.woods@gmail.com or 832.639.4079




About Ingrooves

Ingrooves was founded in 2002 and is a leading global music marketing and distribution company. We provide labels and artists with a global team of experts and a powerful technology framework, giving them transparent distribution tools and marketing solutions to maximize revenue in today’s dynamic music marketplace. By embracing data science and continually updating its offerings, Ingrooves is redefining the modern music company.


The Label is currently looking for artist to sign. Contact T.Woods at trent.n.woods@gmail.com or 832.639.4079