A Nation of Losers: How Retraumatization Is Shaping the American Narrative A Highly Engaging and Enlightening Chaplain Michele Book


A Nation of Losers: How Retraumatization Is Shaping the American Narrative is a book authored by Chaplain Michele. This book is part of The Chaplain Michele Spirit-Soul-Body Healing Series that is now available in Kindle edition.  This particular book tackles how individuals and, even an entire nation, manifest pain resulting from bereavement (loss), trauma and grief while offering valuable nuggets of wisdom on how to overcome.

A Nation of Losers: How Retraumatization Is Shaping the American Narrative examines retraumatization, what this means and how it is experienced by the reader, and, how retraumatization is currently occurring at pandemic levels in America.  The resulting outcomes are devastating. 

Throughout the book, Chaplain Michele offers tremendous insight to help the reader create a new lens through which to view, understand and recover from trauma and retraumatization.  This book is touching, engaging and enlightening.  It is written simply and relatably, but packs a profound punch.  One factor that sets A Nation of Losers: How Retraumatization Is Shaping the American Narrative book apart is that it addresses the spiritual implications of trauma which are rarely addressed.


The book also plays a vital role in helping to heal readers from the pain of loss by walking readers through a process to raise awareness of the lingering impacts of their own life experiences.  One of the driving forces of the book is Chaplain Michele’s desire to have readers recognize cycles and patterns of trauma in their own lives.  This serves as the impetus readers need in order to minimize the personal detriment caused by trauma.  It also serves as the revelation needed to prevent further perpetration of traumatic acts against others.  

Chaplain Michele is an encourager who believes that edification of self and others is only one of the many essential dimensions of spirit-soul-body healing and wellness.  Her passionate belief is palpable throughout this book as she challenges readers to become more trauma-informed and trauma-sensitive about themselves, first and foremost.  This, Chaplain Michele posits, will engender greater demonstrations of compassion for other Americans and other humans which, ideally, will lead to less suffering for everyone.

Contained within the pages of this short read is the information readers need to make personal transformation a reality in their lives.  Readers who consider themselves students of positive, personal transformation will certainly appreciate the ease with which Chaplain Michele shares her evident wisdom.  Yet, A Nation of Losers: How Retraumatization Is Shaping the American Narrative is a great read for anyone because as Chaplain Michele writes, “We should stop attempting to identify survivors of trauma and embrace that fact that we are all survivors of trauma.  Trauma is not a special event, it is a fact of life.  We would be better served to presume each of us to have experienced trauma in some way, at some time, to varying degrees.”  This is, beyond the shadow of a doubt, a revelation that has the power to inspire serious introspection and spontaneous, positive change in every reader.


About Chaplain Michele:  Chaplain Michele is a clinically-trained Chaplain who is called and committed to sharing her life experiences and life lessons for the purpose of helping others live better lives and enjoy healthier relationships.  Chaplain Michele is a woman of strong faith who understands, at least as one seeing through a glass dimly, the implication of spiritual dynamics on human being, thinking, feeling and functioning.  Chaplain Michele champions demonstrations of kindness, love, forgiveness and compassion as cornerstones of personal health, wellness and thriving for the human spirit, soul and body.

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