A New iPhone Cable That Is Stronger Than The Original iPhone Charger Has Been Launched By Gulex


strong iphone cable

Gulex has launched an Apple approved phone cable which is stronger and more reliable than the one supplied with an Apple iPhone. The company has launched the phone charger cable to cut down on the wasted money people are paying to replace their original charger cable.


A new Apple Approved iPhone Cable is set to make tens of millions of Apple customers happy. Gulex Mobile Accessories has launched a phone cable for iPhones that Apple should be supplying their customers in the first place.


There are more than 700 million iPhones in the world making Apple the leading manufacturer and supplier of mobile phones. However, even though Apple makes 80 percent of their profits from their phones, they seem to fail when it comes to manufacturing phone charger cables.


There are two serious complaints when it comes to Apple iPhones, the first one is the battery life and the second one is the charger cable which many people feel is one of the lowest quality on the market. Tens of millions of Apple customers continue to complain how fast their charger cable breaks and how many times they have to replace it. Well now, thanks to Gulex that stops.


Gulex has produced an Apple Approved charger cable that many feels that should be supplied with their iPhone. Unlike the charger cable that comes with the iPhone, the Gulex cable which is made from fishnet material is tough. Not only is it tough and hard to break, but it is also 1.5 times faster than the normal charging speed. Unlike the Apple charger cable, the Gulex one comes with a 12-month guarantee.


Since being launched, the Gulex charger cable has become very popular with iPhone customers. They know by purchasing the cable they have a charger that will not let them down and will not break after a few months. With the cable being durable and strong, it gives iPhone user a charging cable that they can trust. However, iPhone customers are asking one very important question. Why can’t Apple make and supply the same quality cable? Until that has been answered by Apple, and until they stop letting their customers down with a cable that continues to break, the phone charger that all iPhone users should purchase is the Gulex one.


To learn more about the Gulex iPhone charger, please visit https://gulex.co.uk/


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