A New Shoe Designed By Marquis Williams Has Got The Fashion World Excited


One of the most talked-about fashion shoes have now been launched. The Q20 which has been designed by Marquis Williams empowers those that wear them. They are lightweight, stylish, and durable, providing a person with quality shoes that make people stop and look.


One of the most talked-about new fashion shoes that bring together the worlds of athleticism, style, and purpose are now available to purchase. The Q20 Men’s Athletic Shoes which are designed by Marquis Williams are going to be one of the biggest selling fashion shoes of 2019 according to fashion experts.


The new stylish high-performance footwear which centers around the themes in life, happiness, and competition, empowers those that wear them. When Marquis Williams designed the shoes, he took the design to the next level. The easy cleaning footwear is designed to combat the heat and the moisture which is a true benefit compared to other shoes that leave a bad odor and come uncomfortably after long periods. They are also lightweight and comfortable to wear. With the next generation footwear being made by durable materials, those that purchase the Q20 can be assured their longevity.


It doesn’t matter if they are being worn around town, for a special event, or for running, these fashion shoes can transform the way a person looks and feels. There are no other fashion shoes on the market that can provide such a positive mindset.


Some fashion reviewers have said the Q20 footwear will transform the way people look and feel, while other reviewers have said they cannot believe they are only priced at $64.95


To learn more about the fashion shoes that everyone is talking about, and be one of the first to grab a pair, please visit https://www.justmarquis.com/product-page/copy-of-i-m-a-product-1

Product information


  • 23.07 Oz. Designed by Marquis Williams.
  • Polyester fiber, flywire upper, 3-D shaped, unbelievably lightweight & durable.
  • EVA sole, shake-proof, anti-heat, anti-moisture, anti-corrosion, non-slip, easy cleaning.
  • Ergonomically streamlined foot curve, wearing soft and comfortable.
  • Ideal as both running & casual shoes.