A Storm in the Art World: Stormy Daniels Big Fan of Marko Stout!


Stormy Daniels

New York City (12/27/18) New York icon Marko Stout has many celebrity fans and collectors of his art work, including the adult film star who claims she had had an affair with President Trump, Stormy Daniels. In a recently posted YouTube video Stormy Daniels cngarluates artist on his upcoming New York exhibition and goes on to saying, “I’ve been following Marko Stout’s work and oh my that is some very sexy art… and I can’t wait to see lots more from him.” 

Stormy Daniels is an American adult film star, actress, stripper, and director. She has won numerous industry awards, and is a member of the NightMoves, AVN and XRCO Halls of Fame. In 2018, Daniels became involved in a legal dispute with U.S. President Donald Trump and his convicted felon attorney Michael Cohen after his surrogates paid $130,000 hush money to silence Daniels about an affair she says she had with the president.

The list of the Stout’s celebrity fans and collectors is extensive and art dear Taylor Cohen (no relation to President Trump’s convicted lawyer) said, “I’ve not seen this kind of excitement for an opening since Jeff Koon’s retrospective at the Whiney Museum or the Basquiat exhibition”.

The acclaimed pop art icon (who has been referred to as the 21st century’s Andy Warhol) is has been basking in the afterglow of several sold-out solo exhibitions at New York’s legendary Caelum Gallery, Gallery MC, SepiaEye Gallery and the Emmanuel Fremin Gallery. Marko Stout and his works have received accolades from several A- list celebrities including Kaya Jones of the Pussycat Dolls, Lance Bass of NSYNC, and Caitlyn Jenner of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Nichole “Snooki” Polizzi star of MTV’s “The Jersey Shore” is a big fan of modern art and when asked she said, “I love Marko Stout, his work is totally awesome!”. Caitlyn Jenner, star of Bravo TV’s mega-hit show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” also talked about the artist while in New York City during the 2018 Fashion Week where she expressed her excitement and enthusiasm for Marko Stout’s work and this upcoming exhibition. Carla Mund, “Miss America 2018” is also a fan of the artist saying, “I’m also an art scholar and really big fan! Marko Stout is an inspiration for all future artists”.

The artist’s celebrity fans also include Pussycat Dolls lead singer Kaya Jones who said, “Marko Stout’s art is amazing! He’s totally crushing it!” and “The Girls Next Door” star Holly Madison who said of the exposition,” it’s so exciting! I think Marko Stout is really cool!”.

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