AdmitKard Announces Its University Listing Program for Students across the Globe


Welcome to AdmitKard, the world leading platform that makes education accessible to every student through the application of digital data and analytics, so that the study abroad admission process becomes fun and hassle free. Browse through their range of inspirational website and start a journey to academic success and connect with your mentors.

Are you Interested in gaining admission to the University or College of your choice in aboard, acquire unending skills and study in confidence, thereby achieving great academic success in life? Then welcome to AdmitKard, the world’s leading destination for competent listing of educational courses, mentorship program and much more.

AdmitKard is pleased to announce to the general public about their internet-based platform where students can apply to thousands of universities and colleges abroad and study with ease. It is based on data backed algorithms which help in suggesting the students the best possible universities according to their profile and preference. The listing course program organized by AdmitKard is of a de facto of world class standard.

Being the most trusted and leading educational course listing platform in the world, AdmitKard has been experiencing rapid growth over time as well as a significant expansion of student base. AdmitKard intends to always offer the same quality program it’s been known for decades of years to come. With a completely online process and a strong knowledge base, AdmitKard is disrupting this industry dominated by conventional brick-and mortar players.


In a recent press release statement Rachit Agrawal one of the founders of AdmitKard said “The vision behind AdmitKard was that every student should be able to get admission in the best possible institution on the basis of his or her potential”. “Our student mentorship program  helps aspirants to connect with current students studying abroad who have already been through the same process and hence, are better qualified to answer the queries of aspirants” said Piyush Bhartiya” founder of AdmitKard.

Having adequate knowledge about what it takes to study in aboard is one important factor one should consider when applying for admission and when it comes to ensuring an adequate listing of universities according to your choice ranging from environment, profile, good educational standard, well structured amenities, the appropriate programmed equipments and practice is the code upon which AdmitKard operates on.

The key two elements of standardization and personalization on the same platform makes AdmitKard unique from others. Their data-backed algorithm which provides information to students is unbiased and fully automated so that it functions without any lapse. The unique profiles of students are matched with courses and universities to provide the best matching option to the student.

“I wish to express great gratitude to AdmitKard who made my study abroad dream come true. The thought of the making the right choice of college and gruesome application process, always made me hesitant. Team AdmitKard made my nightmare of study abroad process into a cherished experience of my life” said Archit Shorey an overwhelmed client of AdmitKard.

Over the past years the platform has helped over 25000+ students to apply to 8+ countries. Also they have been a total of 1000+ applications filed for universities in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, Ireland, Singapore and more. A total 500+ offers have been received by the students. AdmitKard has 99.9% visa success rate, higher than any other consultant in the industry today. No wonder they are been called the industry giant.

AdmitKard education course listing platform encompasses wide variety in engaging all academic disciplines and subject options related to student choices. At AdmitKard their talented team of professionals works day and night to offer its students the best available university or college of their choice and a free flow 24/7 customer support service.

About AdmitKard

AdmitKard aspires to make global education accessible to every student through the application of digital data and analytics, so that the study abroad admission process becomes fun and hassle free. They believe that each student deserves an opportunity for a great career and we work towards building a future where the students are at comfort and ease while taking decisions related to higher education in a different country. Its mission is to be the most trusted course providers ever to be known in the world.

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