Agro Exchange to Bring Transparency and Trust to Agricultural Sector


Estonia – Agro Exchange is the world’s first blockchain platform that targets the agro-industrial market. AGROCOIN is a global project strived at the creation of a P2P platform where companies and individuals could credit one another without any intermediaries.

Agriculture contributes over $992 billion to the GDP of the US, which makes it one of the most vital industries in the globe. With as many as 21.4 million jobs reliant on the unremitting success of agriculture, the stakes are quite high for guaranteeing that farming remains a competitive and viable marketing for everyone. Agrocoin and Agroexchange will be the anticipated solution to prevent bureaucratic delays, critical conditions for cooperation with several intermediaries, international brokers and traders and will open ways for suppliers to look for profitable buyer from other regions.

Agro Exchange launches its crypto coin known as Agrocoin that will become the supporter and means of payment among users. It’s a token, which will become an instrument for the agro-industrial market. The platform will perform their transactions on the sale and purchase of goods within the agricultural industry.

The good thing about this blockchain platform is that Smart Contract and Ethereum secures all AGRO transactions. The platform will be user-friendly and available to farmers and customers across the globe to allow connection of network. What’s more, the decentralized platform is accessible to companies and users with low transaction payments as well as operational costs.

By using Agrocoin and AGRODEX technologies – a worldwide B2B platform for trade in agricultural and food products – producers, importers, and farmers of agrarian products can lessen their commissions for mutual settlements and cross-border remittances. Enterprises, farmers, and owners of private farms are already starting to realize the advantages of trading online. AGRODEX Project will be a virtual exchange, accessible to all, where users can find and publish ads on the web.

The innovation of the project is expressed in easing making deals with a smart contract, economic and efficiency benefits for every participant in transactions, including speed, transparency, and security of transactions based on blockchain technology.

The Agro Exchange team continues to grow in Estonia, India, Kazakhstan and overseas. With new released planned and underway, Agro Exchange is planning its platform to launch in other countries as well.

About Agro Exchange:

Agro Exchange is a global, decentralized B2B platform designed for trade in food and agricultural products. It will attract investments without restrictions on production geolocation. With the blockchain platform, registered customers and suppliers can enter into smart contracts, make exchange transactions, track the history food prices across the globe and share related information. Every product will be categorized in the registry and valued at Agrocoin.

For more information about Agro Exchange, call Arpit Sharma at +372 602 6582 or send him an email at Visit their website at to get started.

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