Amazon Launches New Type Of Transparent Balloons Pre-Filled With Glimmery Gold Confetti


party accessory is available on amazon

Summary: The perfect accessory for parties which has become a huge seller is now available online thanks to Amazon. The accessory is a new type of transparent balloons pre-filled with glimmery gold confetti.

Amazon is pleased to announce a new party accessory is available on their platform. The party accessory is a new type of transparent balloons pre-filled with glimmery gold confetti that will impress all of your party guests.

The quality and affordable gold confetti balloons are FILLED WITH FUN. The transparent latex balloons are filled with gold paper confetti for extra sparkle and shine that will dazzle guests and make any event more memorable.

It’s one of many creative decoration party products on the market this year, ideal for any occasion.

Unlike typically boring balloons, these transparent balloons are pre-filled with round gold confetti so your guests will enjoy a colourful confetti shower at the end of your event when the balloons can be popped.

Allebo’s Confetti Balloons Party Supplies

Allebo’s Confetti Balloons Party Supplies package come with 24 transparent gold confetti balloons 12-inch size, 2 rolls of gold curly ribbon that will create the perfect party atmosphere. It also comes with manual Inflation pump for effortless, quick and safe inflation, gold party banner that is perfect for any age and occasion, which is easy to assemble, fold and reuse. 


The new product is available to You purchase one on Amazon for $17.99


Now, you can wow your guests, friends and social media followers. The decor possibilities are endless with Allebo’s “Confetti Balloons Party Supplies” fun and festive confetti balloons!


The gorgeous gold color will look fantastic at weddings, birthdays, baby showers, hen parties, New Years and other holiday gatherings. Also, the balloons can be used to decorate professional events like fundraisers, office celebrations, launch parties, exhibitions and more.


The Confetti Balloons Party Supplies package is available for $17.99 so these high-quality decorations are perfect for adding style and elegance to every celebration without breaking the bank and they can be filled with air or helium.


And the good news is that you can buy them no matter where you are located as Amazon ships worldwide.

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