American teacher Johann Lewis is undertaking a huge translation project for Hailiang Foreign Language School


Education in China is a large and rapidly expanding industry. With schools always trying to get a competitive advantage, many schools adopt international education programs, such as Cambridge International Examinations classes, International Baccalaureate programs, Montessori classes, College Board Advanced Placement courses and much more.

As the Academic Director of English Curriculum and Instruction at Hailiang Foreign Language School, Johann has had experience with helping the school adopt and implement many of these programs. However, a lingering question persisted: “What is so bad about Chinese education programs?”

In order to answer that question, Johann Lewis set out on an ambitious project to translate books authorized by China’s Ministry of Education in order to compare and contrast them with the various international education programs that exist in China.

After four years of working and living in China, his first fully-English book based on the Chinese curriculum has finally been completed. The first grade Chinese science workbook now has a 100% English version, courtesy of the efforts of one expat teacher with a vision to change the international landscape of education.

When Johann Lewis was asked about the educational project he replied: “International education should not merely consist of importing educational programs from overseas into one’s own country, but it should also consist of exporting educational programs overseas to other countries that can benefit from these programs. In my eyes, this project is the first monumental step in introducing the Chinese educational curriculum to the rest of the world, allowing others to see, use and adopt the best aspects of the Chinese educational system.”

As China’s Belt and Road Initiative continues to promote international trade between China and the rest of the world, when it comes to education, China has historically only imported education programs from overseas. With this project, Johann Lewis hopes to help introduce Chinese education to the rest of the world in his own way.

About Johann Lewis

Johann Lewis is an American accountant-turned-teacher, currently living in Zhuji, Zhejiang Province, China. He serves as the Academic Director of English Curriculum and Instruction at Hailiang Foreign Language School, a subsidiary of Hailiang Education Management Group. Over the years he has received awards for his work and contribution to providing quality education based on commitment and sacrifice.

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