Andrew Fashion Who Made $2.5 Million by 21 Set To Launch New Travel App Gypsee


The young entrepreneur shocked the business world after making $2.5 million by the age of 21. Now, he is set to show his success is not a fluke with his new Gypsee travel app.


Most teenagers think about having fun, playing for their country, or going to university and getting a secured job. One teenager had a different dream, a dream which many thought was impossible, a dream to work for himself and become successful. Who was that person, and did he succeed in his goal? His name is Andrew Fashion, and with $2.5 million in the bank by the age of 21, he certainly did achieve his dreams.

Andrew Fashion who has been named in the same sentence as Richard Branson, and Mark Elliot Zuckerberg has been described as one of the most exciting entrepreneurs of his generation. The mega-rich success story has not finished his goals and dreams. He now has a dream of launching one of the most successful and used travel apps available, and that travel app is called Gypsee.


Those who once doubted Andrew Fashion who made 3 million off myspace, 3 million off bitcoin, and started Evolve with Sommer Ray who is a famous fitness model, have no doubts his travel venture GYPSEE ( will be a success.


GYPSEE is set to become as big as Uber, changing the travel world for ever. When asked to explain more about the new app, Andrew Fashion replied: “The goal for this app is to make travel a part of everyone’s lives and to bring back that childlike adventurer we all remember having but lost due to how hard and how much of a hassle it is to coordinate getting the people we love all together to explore.”


Everything Andrew Fashion touches turns to gold, so it’s no wonder why so many young entrepreneurs use the successful businessman as their role model. Andrew Fashion knows he has a following with young people wanting to follow in his footsteps, and that is why one of his future plans is to start an education platform for future success stories.


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About Andrew Fashion

Andrew Fashion is a young businessman who has proven to be one of the most exciting entrepreneurs of recent times who always thinks out of the box.