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BOSTON, Mass. – Nov. 2, 2018 – ANDREW KYRIACOU of Shrewsbury, MA (AndrewKyriacou.Tips), announces the release of his latest Market Report. This new financial market report explains how a rise in interest rates may arrest this current bull market. The release of this Market Update coincides with the cautionary advice that Andrew Kyriacou has given to his clients in recent weeks. Andrew brings with it his 22 years of experience from the financial world, which provides immeasurable counsel to readers.

“I spend most of my time helping high net worth individuals increase their wealth, and I always want them to know what is happening with the markets and their money. Since creating AndrewKyriacou.Tips, it has been my goal to help all investors stay up to date with market trends,” said blog creator Andrew Kyriacou. “In this current Market Update I try to enlighten investors about the volatility of the current bull market, and what factors may arrest the market.”

In his career Andrew Kyriacou has been named one of the top 100 financial planners in the United States and he is a 4 Year Winner from Five Star Professionals. Andrew Kyriacou has spent his career growing wealth for high net worth individuals. Although high net worth individuals are usually already savvy and successful, Andrew helps his clients identify their blind spots when it comes to managing money. By focusing on financial objectives, Andrew gets to the core of each client’s values and goals rather than the dollar and cents.

Andrew Kyriacou is a frequent speaker and lecturer on tax and financial planning topics, including numerous appearances on radio and TV programs. He also sits on the Board of Directors at his children’s school in Shrewsbury, MA.

To read the newest Andrew Kyriacou Market Update and learn what factors could arrest the current bull market, please visit

About Andrew Kyriacou

Andrew Kyriacou is the Managing Director of Andersen Tax, LLC in Boston. He has 22 years experience in helping high net worth individuals grow their wealth.

He’s in charge of Andersen Tax’s strategy and implementation of wealth-transfer planning, investment advisory services, individual income tax planning and compliance, trusts and estates, and charitable giving.

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