Andrey Andreev (of Bumble & Badoo) goes colorblind and connects to Mix Amore dating app


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Graceful Grady and Graceful Grady

Mix Amore, the newest and most interesting multicultural and interracial dating app has gained huge attention around the world since it was launched. It has been responsible for generating long lasting relationships and allowed people who struggled to find a date, the opportunity to find real love. However, Mix Amore is not the only talking point of 2019, the connection between the founder of Mix Amore Graceful Grady and founder of MagicLab Andrey Andreev has also got people in the business community talking.


We decided to sit down with Graceful Grady to learn more about Mix Amore and to find out what is really going on with Andrey Andreev.


1. You are the founder of Mix Amore, can you explain what Mix Amore is?

Mix Amore is a Multicultural & “true” Interracial dating app for those who are open-minded to finding love…may it be your race or any other race AND the only dating app that utilizes Social Media Usage as a compatible for matchmaking.


2. Why did you decide to launch Mix Amore?

I launched Mix Amore because I noticed the growing frustration of people dating someone who is always on social media, also known as TWIFING* Unfortunately, TWIFING has become a global problem. After reading and witnessing this problem, I decided to develop an app that takes into consideration social media usage as a compatible question within the algorithm. Living in Atlanta I began to see that love has no borders so that’s where the “M” for multicultural, “I” for interracial, and “X” for hugs and kisses came about.


3. Do you believe that there is someone for everyone out there?

Absolutely I believe there is someone for everyone out there and that’s why I want to expand Mix Amore globally! Currently, we have members from Asia, Australia, Brazil, Colombia, India, Italy, South Africa, United Kingdom, and the United States just to name a few.


4. A lot of people have said the ITV show Love Island is sending the wrong signal about the dating scene, what is your opinion?

It’s on TV and getting ratings but we are focused on a broader scope. We are looking at global potential as a problem solver of something that has not been addressed; in addition, we are in a niche market that has grown an astonishing amount since 1967 and the studies back it up. As for the use of an Island, it is something I have considered in my mid-term goals.


5. Mix Amore has been described as one of the most exciting and successful ways of meeting a partner, why do you think that is?

I believe it’s because we try to provide the ease of options for our members based on their needs for an initial contact, verification process, and being available for all races and sexual orientations.


6. A recent report has stated that if you meet through an online dating site that your relationship will last longer than traditional dating, can you comment on this?

I am happy to hear about that report and I will do one better…studies have found that online dating corresponds with way more interracial marriages and stronger marriages from a mathematics perspective. This study was conducted by Phillip Hergovich, of the University of Vienna and Josue Ortega of the University of Essex, based on 2013 data from the National Academy of Sciences.


7. A little birdie has told me that Andrey Andreev, who founded the social discovery and dating network Badoo, as well be a major partner in Bumble, an online dating application where ladies always make the first move has connected with you on linkedin, how did that make you feel when he got in touch?

The little birdie is correct, 2 weeks ago Andrey Andreev did connect with Mix Amore, personally I was both pleasantly surprised and proud to have someone of his stature recognize my dating application.


8. Andrey Andreev has become an exciting businessman with a great reputation of launching successful businesses, do you see any of yourself in him?

Absolutely, being a risk taker in starting a successful independent advisory firm, now a dating app with a niche where other firms are afraid to touch because of the backlash of race, and finally the interest in being a problem solver. Social media usage is a major cause of breakups and divorces around the world, it’s so bad that a Social Media Prenup is now available! As a matchmaker I want to be in the forefront to tackle this problem, so we have included the time spent twifing into our algorithm to have a better compatible outcome…which we hope can lead to marriage one day.


9. Should we read anything into Andrey Andreev connecting with you on Linkedin?

My only response to that is, you have a very smart and successful investor in dating apps such as Badoo, Bumble, Lumen, and Chappy…a multicultural & interracial dating app that includes social media usage as a compatible (which by the way is the first to ever do this) can help diversify his portfolio and take it to another level.


10. Could you see yourself and Andrey Andreev working together in the future?

Let me just put it out there, I will love to work with Andrey Andreev. I am aware he started a $100 Million holding group called MagicLab and he stated himself that he is interested in visionaries and innovative founders. Mr. Andreev, look no further because Graceful Grady (Founder and CEO) of Mix Amore can be and will be a success under the new MagicLab umbrella!


11. Now that Mix Amore has become a big success, what is the next step for you?

A big success, I can’t say that just yet. Sure, we were successful in launching the app, we have been on TV, radio interviews, a Consumer Show but we still need that believer in us to provide funding to grow and leave a legacy from the many marriages we hope to introduce!


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Twifing* (Urban dictionary…Twitter, whatsapp, Instagram, and faceook)


Company name: Mix Amore