Augmios Is Redefining Men’s Luxury Jewelry with Its Newly Released Bracelet Line


A Kickstarter campaign for the new Augmios men’s luxury bracelet line is well underway. Having already garnered a bevy of backers, the new line of bracelets is the epitome of modern class.

(Location/Date) – Augmios luxury men’s bracelets have been deemed the most ideal understated and classy jewelry for men. The company is currently conducting a very successful Kickstarter campaign which has received support from backers across the globe. This new bracelet collection draws its inspiration from nature. With animal motifs and carefully sourced natural stones from around the world, the bracelets also come with 18k gold plating and 925 silver plating.

A spokesperson for Augmios made an official press statement to discuss the company’s work “Here at Augmios, we are a highly customer-oriented company. We take extreme measures to ensure utmost quality and style with our products. Not only is our new line of luxury men’s bracelets extremely durable, it is also an emblem of utmost style and refinement.”

The spokesperson further added “This line of bracelets caters to a demographic of men who are sophisticated and want to show it on their wrists. The stones used in this collection include Natural Onyx, Jasper, Volcanic Stones and Chinese Red Stones. With an Augmios logo back-piece carefully nestled within the stones, these bracelets are the ultimate accessory this summer.”

Each Augmios bracelet features a metal animal motif bead as the centerpiece. Available in Leopard, Wolf and Monkey King, each bracelet holds a significant message of its own. Such elements are a testament to the extreme attention-to-detail and craftsmanship that goes into making Augmios jewelry.

A strong focus on the aesthetic characteristics does not mean the jewelry lacks in durability. Each bracelet is designed to be water-proof and shock resistant. Furthermore, all bracelets feature an unbreakable Japanese triple wire as their spine, thus ensuring utmost longevity.

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