Author Radesha Dixon Releases Second Edition of “Queens Don’t Settle”


Alexandria, VA – April 18, 2019 – April is National Poetry Month and author and No More Broken Records® founder, Radesha “Desh” Dixon, has re-released her popular “Queens Don’t Settle: A Book of Poems to Empower Women.” Available on Amazon, Dixon’s book is full of affirmations, advice and words of self-love that women can utilize everyday to live an empowered and unapologetic life.

“No More Broken Records® is a movement to empower women not to settle,” said Dixon. “I was inspired to make some updates to the initial version and re-release it as a second edition. To all my beautiful queens near and far, this book is for you.”

As a life coach, motivational and inspiration speaker, Dixon interacts every day with women that have abdicated their own power and sublimated it to what society tries to dictate their role should be. Dixon’s message is one of encouragement and that women are worthy and deserving of all they desire.

It’s a difficult concept for many women to accept and even more so for many men that are satisfied with the status quo. Dixon’s words are powerful, the imagery evocative, and the message clear. Her poems offer a healthy dose of empowerment that women can use in their work and personal relationships that’s reflected in her No More Broken Records® movement.

Dixon’s poems are enlightening and encourage women to make the necessary changes that enable them to live their most authentic life. “Queens Don’t Settle” also includes self-help pages that reflect on critical questions that every woman should ask herself about how she’s been minimalized, marginalized and told in words or actions to hide her creator-endowed talents and abilities.

The author is a highly accomplished and empowered woman herself. She’s the author of “Kings Don’t Settle: A Book of Poems to Empower Men” that was released in early April 2019 and a Forex trader that assists men and women take control of their financial freedom.

She’s the founder of the women’s empowerment movement, No More Broken Records® and the originator of the Queens Don’t Settle podcast. Available on Anchor, iTunes and Spotify, it amassed an impressive 10,000 plays in less than eight months.

Dixon doesn’t settle and through her “Queens Don’t Settle” book of poetry, she’s imparting hope, encouragement and strength to women around the world to do the same. Her message of self-love and women’s empowerment is a timely one that every woman can use in her relationships to be the queen she was meant to be.


About Radesha Dixon

Radesha Dixon is a highly respected dating and life coach, and inspirational and motivational expert with speaking engagements around the world. She’s an author, poet, model, pageant title-holder and Forex trader. Dixon is the founder of the No More Broken Records™ movement and has been featured in numerous print and broadcast media including The Secret Mirror with Dr. Joe Vitale and the Huffington Post. Connect with Dixon on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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