Author Reaches Out to Youth in Her Latest Novel; Highlights the Dangers of Wrong Association, and the Impact of the Miscarriage of Justice on Victims of Crime and their Families


LONDON, (December …., 2018) – Christian Author MoBoni Lewis reaches out to youth with her latest novel.

In A Crime of Innocence: They Told Him It Was A Game, Lewis tells the heartbreaking story of young boy, Roger Dye, who is falsely accused of mugging an elderly woman after being set up by his friends, who a few months earlier had given him an expensive pair of football boots as a Christmas gift. But with no alibi to prove his innocence, Roger is advised to plead guilty for a reduced jail term, only to be handed a life sentence when the victim dies a few days later.

Highlighting the dangers of wrong association, this book pulls you into the very heart of a family’s struggle for survival in a society where many have been let down by the criminal justice system. In the United States of America, more than 149 people were exonerated in 2015 after spending time in prison for crimes they didn’t commit. The UK has also had its fair share of wrongful convictions, where an estimated £65 million is spent on imprisoning people who have been wrongly convicted. Approximately 25 people per day successfully appeal their convictions.

“I wanted to encourage the youth out there to be mindful of the company they keep and not be lured by the promise of expensive gift items from people of questionable character,” said Lewis when asked about the motivation for writing the book. “One thing often leads to another, and sometimes all it takes is one wrong move, one wrong friend for an innocent life to be cut short. Indeed, many innocent-guilty are standing trial; young men and women who have become “victims” of crime because they hung out with the wrong crowd. Young men and women, who in a quest for love and acceptance, and in some cases for genuine friendship, have gotten themselves into trouble but are now left to face the music, all alone. And sadly, not everyone who’s been wrongly convicted has had or will have the opportunity or the means to appeal their convictions.

A Crime of Innocence provides a fast-paced, entertaining read. But aside from the entertaining value of the book, readers will get a glimpse of the turmoil that takes place in the lives of the convicted and his family. This book also teaches a valuable lesson to youth – life isn’t measured in the abundance of what we have or in the gadgets we own, but in the number of lives we impact positively during our lives. It also encourages family members to be there for one another, especially for the older generation, because as we all know, they won’t always be around.

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