BankOnIP and Evergreen Enterprises, Inc. are pleased to announce that the WRISTEE RALLY FLAG™ will be available for purchase in retail stores starting in the Fall of 2020!!



July 2019 – BankOnIP, a leading intellectual property broker, announced today that the WRISTEE RALLY FLAG™, an improved flag/team wave system, has been licensed to Evergreen Enterprises. This unique product will be promoted thru their Team Sports America licensed sports brand. The WRISTEE RALLY FLAG™ involves no sticks, poles or rods. This unique flag conveniently straps to the wrists, allowing the user to wave flags hands-free. The WRISTEE RALLY FLAG™ is perfect for any sports team, political parties, parades and festivals.

About Evergreen Enterprises

Evergreen Enterprises is one of the leading flag, home décor, and garden companies in North America. Since 1993, they have offered innovative, timeless, quality gifts to independent and local retailers. This once small, family-owned and operated wholesale company has grown into a global leader. They continue to offer value-driven products for their customers as well as tools, resources, and expert advice on store merchandising solutions.

In 2011 Evergreen Enterprises added two sports product divisions: Team Sports America and SC Sports, which expanded Evergreen’s NFL, MLB, NHL and Collegiate product lines and has made them a leader in the sports product category.  

About BankOnIP

Headquartered in Stilwell, KS, BankOnIP is a leading intellectual property broker, specializing in Intellectual Property (IP) commercialization of new patents and technologies. Our team is a talented group of visionaries with a successful track record of building wealth through proper utilization and successful placement of multiple intellectual Property Portfolios. BankOnIP offers a broad range of services to help maximize the client’s IP Ownership Experience.


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