BankOnIP Announces New Division BankOnIP Rep


BankOnIP Rep – Stilwell, KS – August 2, 2019
BankOnIP announced today a new division, BankOnIP Rep. The new division of the company will be focusing on being the Manufacturers’ Representative to companies in a wide variety of industries, building on BankOnIP’s vast array of existing relationships with both wholesalers and retailers. The initial industries covered by BankOnIP Rep include medical, industrial tooling, military, transportation, consumer products, food service, and sporting goods. With our successful sales team we look to build a cooperative and energetic relationship when forming partnerships with companies. The initial focus of the team will be in the Midwest Region of the United States and will include: Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

About BankOnIP

Headquartered in Stilwell, KS, BankOnIP is a leading intellectual property broker specializing in Intellectual Property (IP) commercialization of new patents and technologies. Our team brings extensive experience in brokering IP and commercialization of technologies.

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