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T. Denise Manning

T. Denise Manning, Life Coach & Author of 4 published books and new Co-Author of The Sixth Volume of the Amazon Best-Seller “20 Beautiful Women” is making a HUGE impact in the united states and abroad. T. Denise’s latest Co-Authored E-book hit No. 1 in Motivational, No. 2 in Women’s Personal Growth and No. 4 in the Self-Help categories. T. Denise Manning Shares her story and it is sure to heal your soul, Ignite your passion, and Inspire your divine purpose.

The US Army Combat Veteran is no stranger to healing others, T. Denise with nearly 15 years of Holistic Industry experience, is currently a business owner and board certified Holistic Health Therapist. Dr. Manning has worked as a life coach for Florida A&M University, and as a life coach in Okinawa, Japan, She is the founder for Pretty Lady Upscale Resale, LLC, a life coach for Imagine Potential Now with Life Strategies Coaching Firm, and has been a company spokesperson with Technicians USA. Prior to these appointments, she has served in many prestigious positions such as a life coach & motivational speaker for Eco Youth Development in Tanzania Africa and then some!

T. Denise Manning

Dubbed a ” Wonder Woman” Life Coach, by Source Magazine, T. Denise Manning life is a shining example of an overcomer.

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