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Shloofee Mattress Protector

The Shloofee Mattress Protector provides all-around protection for a full-size mattress 54 x 75. The mattress protector helps to protect against Bed-wetting, Dust Mites, Bacteria, Sweat and Other Fluids, is machine washable. A person who purchases the mattress protector can experience a better and more relaxed sleeping experience

Shloofee, who is dedicated in providing products for a comfortable, relaxing, and rest filled night sleep – announced their best-selling mattress protector is now available on Amazon. The waterproof mattress protector, which is available for a mattress 54 x 75, provides complete protection against Dust Mites, Bacteria, Sweat and Other Fluids, lint, animal dander, mucous and is currently be sold for $22.96. Shloofee also has available the queen size 60″x80″ and the twin size 39″x75″ 

The luxurious mattress protector which bears the brunt of wear and tear to the mattress is made from high-quality material. Shloofee has used ultra-soft Terry Cotton and breathable fabric, which elevates the overall sleep experience while increasing the life of the mattress. Terry cotton is a hypoallergenic benefiting anyone who suffers from allergies. Due to the quality of the mattress protector and the benefits it brings, it can be used in the home, hotel accommodation or in a home caring facility.

When asked why a person should purchase a mattress protector a spokesman for Shloofee replied: “The purchase of a mattress can be a big investment. A mattress protector can provide greater longevity on that investment while at the same time providing a person with a healthy environment for their sleep.”

The mattress protector which is easy to fit and can be removed quickly to be cleaned on a regular basis also protect the mattress against bed spills and water damage. Unlike many other mattress protectors, this one is washer and dryer friendly.

Since being launched on Amazon, the Shloofee mattress protector continues to receive five-star reviews, and product reviewers have called it one of the best on the market. Included in those reviews is a review from Rifky Pasternak who said:

“My child could occasionally wet during sleep. So, I needed something to protect the mattress. I’m really impressed how it’s designed. The poly backing makes sure any fluids shouldn’t leak through. I tried to see it for myself to see if it works. Sure enough, the mattress stayed dry. I would definitely recommend buying this mattress protector.”

To learn more about the mattress protector that comes with a 100-day-risk-free trial and which can extend the life of a mattress by five to ten years, please visit

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