Besty Committed to Cultivating Fun and Positive Social Media


Social media can be a better, more positive, and more fun experience for everyone. Besty is leading the way there.

Besty Committed to Cultivating Fun and Positive Social Media

Social media today has become a hotbed for negativity and conflict. All the major social media companies – from Facebook to Instagram to Snapchat – know about this trend, and they know that they need to address it in the long term. The long term, however, is not right now, and for those of us who want to see a change in the right direction right now, Besty seems to offer a fresh take on what social media is and what it can be.

While larger social media platforms run into issues when they try to make sweeping changes to their fundamental rules or functions, smaller apps like Besty run into no such issues, their expectations not yet set in stone and their audiences accepting innovations more readily. This makes an app like Besty uniquely conducive to game-changing ideas, the types of ideas that are going to lead social media out of the contemporary “dark ages” and into a new world of promise in which people go online not to feed their negative habits but to amp themselves up and to generate more positivity in their lives.

Besty will be rated for ages 12 and up, and its functions will include tagging friends or crushes in posts, sending social greetings, charting your interest from boys and girls, connecting with friends, making new friends, listing your BAEs and your BFFs, and either revealing your identity to other users or remaining anonymous. This is an app in which you are in charge and also in which automated moderation will filter out any content that falls short of Besty’s high standard for positivity.

Fun, friendly, and hyper-positive, Besty has the potential to usher in a new genre of social media. To learn more, check out

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